Ultimate Guide to Rerolling for Astra: Knights of Veda

Ultimate Guide to Rerolling for Astra: Knights of Veda
Last updated:
April 5, 2024

Welcome to your comprehensive guide on rerolling for Astra: Knights of Veda.

This guide is crafted to walk you through the rerolling process, optimizing both confirmed information and beta insights.

The dynamics discussed here may evolve, so consider this a foundational understanding to get you started.

Reroll Guide and Best Characters for Astra: Knights of Veda

The Rerolling Basics

in game call of the stars banner in astra knights of veda

Rerolling, at its core, involves creating new game accounts to redo your initial character summons.

The goal is to secure a strong starting lineup that can carry you through the game's early challenges and beyond.

This practice is common in many gacha games, where the luck of the draw can significantly impact gameplay.

When launching Astra: Knights of Veda for the first time, you're greeted with the login screen.

Focusing on email sign-in is crucial for rerolling efficiently.

Step-by-Step Email Rerolling Method

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1. Initial Account Creation

  • Sign-Up Page: When your first encounter with the game, select the email sign-up option. This choice is crucial for those planning to use the email rerolling method.
  • Email Input: Use your primary email address for the first account creation. For instance, if your email is 'gachaguru@gmail.com', simply enter this without any modifications.
  • Password Creation: Create a strong, memorable password. The game requires a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

2. The Salted Email Method

  • Understanding the Concept: The 'salted' part of the method involves adding periods (.) within the local part of your email address (the segment before the "@" symbol). Most email services, including Gmail, ignore these periods, meaning emails sent to 'g.achaguru@gmail.com' and 'gachaguru@gmail.com' go to the same inbox.
  • Implementation: For your second reroll attempt, modify your email address by adding a period somewhere within it. For example, 'ga.chaguru@gmail.com'. This is recognized as a different email by the game’s servers but effectively directs all correspondence to your original email inbox.
  • Repeat as Needed: You can continue this process, altering the placement of the period for each new reroll attempt, e.g., 'g.ac.haguru@gmail.com', 'ga.ch.aguru@gmail.com', etc. This method allows for many reroll attempts without additional email accounts.

3. Rerolling Process

  • The Reroll Attempt: Proceed to play through the game until you reach the point where you can use your initial character summons or gacha pulls. Evaluate the characters you receive.
  • Decision Time: If you're unsatisfied with the results, it’s time to use the salted email method for a new reroll attempt. Log out and return to the sign-up page to create a new account with a slightly altered email address.
  • Persistence Pays Off: Continue this process until you secure a starting lineup that meets your expectations. This may take several attempts, so patience and persistence are key.

Rerolling Strategy for the Best Characters

in game fallen wing of veda banner in astra knights of veda

Your initial character pulls determine the strength and versatility of your team, impacting your progression through the early and mid-game phases.

  • Guaranteed Pulls: Understand which banners offer guaranteed high-tier characters within a certain number of pulls. Prioritizing these can provide a strong start.
  • Elemental Balance: Aim for a balanced team that covers various elemental affinities, ensuring you're prepared for a range of challenges.
  • Role Coverage: Ensure your initial pulls cover essential team roles. Having at least one strong DPS, a healer, and a tank or support character can make early game progression smoother.

Ideal Character Targets for Your Team

in game veda equipment in astra knights of veda

Before diving into specific characters, get the essence of team composition.

A well-rounded team in Astra: Knights of Veda has a synergy of roles: DPS (Damage Per Second), tanks, healers, and supporters.

Balancing these roles ensures that you're prepared for the myriad challenges the game throws at you.

The Must-Have Characters

Princess Atterisee

Atterisee specializes in area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

Her attacks not only deal direct damage but also damage enemies over time.

Such a character is invaluable for clearing groups of enemies fast, making her a top pick for your starting lineup.


Arin excels in mobility and high single-target damage.

Her ability to dash through enemies and execute rapid, slashing attacks makes her a nightmare for any enemy.

Combining her with a strong tank allows Arin to unleash her full damage potential.


Saeya's dual role as a healer and damage dealer offers flexibility in team compositions.

With Saeya, you have a character who can adapt to the needs of the battle, providing support or engaging directly as required.


Sansar brings a unique mix of damage and utility. Her ability to summon a wolf boosts your team's damage.


Albert is a tank with abilities focused on absorbing damage and protecting allies.

His capability to summon a lion statue that taunts enemies allows your DPS characters to do their job.

A strong tank like Albert is key for challenging fights.

Honorable Mentions

Eliyar: Offers a unique playstyle with traps and high damage potential. Requires skill but is highly rewarding.

Edward & Sarka: While not top-tier in beta, they have unique abilities that could shine with the right strategy and updates.

Redeeming Your Coupon Code

in game coupon redemption code in astra knights of veda
  • Access Your Account Settings: Within the game, navigate to your account settings. Here, you'll find the option to enter your coupon code.
  • Locating the Coupon Code Field: Look for a section labeled 'Redeem Code', 'Coupon', or similarly. This is where you'll input your code.
  • Entering the Code: Type in "KNIGHTSOFVEDA" (without quotes) in that field. Ensure accuracy, as codes are case-sensitive and precise.
  • Select Your Server: Make sure to select the correct server corresponding to your account. This ensures the rewards are applied to the right place.
  • Claim Your Rewards: Upon successful code submission, your rewards should be instantly credited to your account. These can range from in-game currency, items, to exclusive characters or equipment, giving you a substantial early boost.