Eversoul Beginner's Guide: Tips for Starting Strong

Eversoul Beginner's Guide: Tips for Starting Strong
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Eversoul, where strategy, chance, and choice intertwine to define your journey.

As you embark on this magical adventure, having a guide to illuminate the path can transform a challenging beginning into an exciting adventure.

This updated beginner's guide for Eversoul is designed to provide newcomers with the knowledge needed to navigate the intricate mechanics and make the most of the game's offerings.

Eversoul Beginner's Guide: Tips for Starting Strong

Emulator Use and Server Selection

in game server selection in eversoul

While Eversoul is designed for mobile play, gamers seeking the larger screen experience often turn to emulators.

It’s important to note that using an emulator comes without official backing—no dedicated support if issues arise.

Despite this, many players report a smooth experience.

When using an emulator, prioritize one that is widely recognized for its stability and compatibility with the game.

Upon launching Eversoul, you are required to select a server.

The choice of server can greatly affect your gameplay due to time zone differences impacting event participation and latency issues.

It's advantageous to choose a server where peak hours align with your playtime to maximize community interaction and event involvement.

Navigating the Introduction

in game tutorial gameplay in eversoul

When you enter the world of Eversoul, you're met with beautifully animated cutscenes that set the stage for your adventure.

These scenes, while immersive, can be lengthy.

New players eager to jump into the action can opt to skip by pressing and holding the screen, which initiates a countdown in the corner signaling the skip function.

This allows players to bypass the narrative and get straight to gameplay.

The initial tutorial is quick and efficient, designed to familiarize players with the game’s mechanics.

You'll be guided through the basics, such as how to change your formation and interact with the game's interface.

The tutorial doesn't take long—just around 10 minutes—and is crafted to be intuitive, ushering you gently into the full Eversoul experience without overwhelming you with information.

The Infinite Roll System and Selecting Your Unit

in game infinite roll system in eversoul

The Infinite Roll System is a unique feature in Eversoul, designed to enhance the summoning experience for beginners.

Unlike many gacha games that may require players to settle for the luck of the draw, Eversoul’s system allows you to 're-roll' your initial multi-summons endlessly until you lock in the desired epic unit.

This system applies to your first batch of summons and does not include the highest-tier units like Angels and Demons to maintain game balance.

When you utilize the multi-summon, the animation will culminate in at least one epic unit, signified by a purple aura or a distinctive pink ring, indicating a unit of higher rarity.

The infinite aspect is particularly user-friendly because it empowers you to start with a roster that you feel satisfied with, rather than leaving you with any lingering 'what if' feelings about your initial summoning outcomes.

Selecting Your Unit

in game all units in eversoul

Choosing the right unit from your Infinite Roll is critical.

As you begin your journey in Eversoul, you'll want a character who can carry you through early game content and remain viable as you progress.

Daphne is a top-tier pick for beginners.

Here's why:

  • Type and Class: Daphne is a Fairy type with a Defender class, also known as a tank. Tanks are crucial in most gacha game strategies for their ability to absorb damage and protect other units.
  • AOE Attacks: Her specialization in Area of Effect (AOE) attacks means she can hit multiple enemies at once, making her excellent for clearing waves of foes and crowd control.
  • Durability and Damage: Despite being a tank, Daphne dishes out substantial damage, which can be surprising given her primary role. This dual capability allows her to be more than just a shield for your team.
  • Low Investment, High Return: Daphne's effectiveness at base epic level means that she requires less investment to be useful in your team. This aspect is vital for players who want to conserve resources early on.

Tutorial Progression and Initial Summons

in game tutorial formation in eversoul

The tutorial in Eversoul is an essential phase designed to smoothly integrate new players into the game's world.

It's short but comprehensive, providing you with knowledge of the core gameplay mechanics without becoming a prolonged affair.

Here's how it facilitates your understanding and progression:

  • Basic Mechanics: You'll learn about changing formations, a critical strategic component in battle. Understanding how to position your units can be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Summoning Process: Early in the tutorial, the game showcases the summoning system, which is a cornerstone of Eversoul. This is where you'll first encounter the Infinite Roll System.
  • Game Interface Familiarity: As you navigate through the tutorial, you're introduced to the various menus and options, setting a foundation for efficient game navigation later on.
  • Interactive Guidance: The tutorial uses visual cues like arrows to direct your actions, ensuring you're never lost about what to do next.

Navigating Rewards and Equipment

in game mailbox rewards in eversoul

Once you've got the hang of the basics through the tutorial, the game introduces you to the rewards and equipment systems:

  • Claiming Rewards: Eversoul is generous with its rewards, especially for beginners. You'll be guided to claim everstones and other precious resources that you can utilize for summons and enhancing your characters.
  • Anniversary Gifts: With the game's anniversary, you'll receive a gift code redeemable for extra summons. This is a limited-time opportunity that can greatly bolster your early game by adding more units to your roster.
  • Equipment Sets: One of the first sets of rewards includes gear, or Keepsake Sets, which are critical to strengthening your characters. You'll learn to auto-equip your units, which simplifies the gear management process.
  • Strategic Enhancement: The tutorial nudges you to focus on a main DPS unit—like the highly recommended Aki—and shows you how to lock in and gear up this character for optimal performance.
  • Stats Improvement: As you auto-equip your main unit, the game highlights the importance of stats like crit rate, which are vital in maximizing a unit's damage output and overall effectiveness in combat.

Choosing Your Main Unit and Enhancing Gear

in game ascension main unit in eversoul

Selecting the main unit in Eversoul is a pivotal decision for any new player.

It forms the cornerstone of your combat strategy and has a lasting impact on your journey through the game.

Unit Specialization

You will need to choose a unit that not only appeals to your playstyle but also has the potential to excel in multiple aspects of the game.

For instance, a unit like Aki, with a high DPS (Damage Per Second) capability, can help you sail through early battles and remain viable for tougher challenges ahead.

Gear Optimization

Once your main unit is chosen, gearing them up effectively is crucial.

Gear sets, known as Keepsakes in Eversoul, significantly boost your unit’s stats.

The game teaches you to use the 'auto-equip' feature, which conveniently optimizes your unit's gear based on their needs and your current inventory.

Stat Prioritization

It's also crucial to understand which stats to prioritize for your main unit.

If your unit is a DPS like Aki, stats such as critical hit rate and attack power are often more valuable than defensive stats.

The tutorial will highlight the importance of these stats and how gear can enhance them.

Free Cost of Changes

Eversoul ensures that name changes and initial adjustments to your units are free of charge, encouraging you to experiment and find the setup that works best for you without the fear of resource wastage.

Efficient Summoning and Mileage Rewards

in game victory reward in eversoul

Summoning in Eversoul is not just about getting new units; it's also about making the most of the Mileage Rewards system.

Gem Usage

The game starts you off with a considerable amount of gems, the premium currency used for summoning.

You’re encouraged to use all these gems upfront to quickly build your team and gain additional units.

Mileage System

With every summon, you accumulate mileage points.

These points are then used to claim Mileage Rewards, which offer additional valuable units and resources.

Strategic Summons

It’s recommended to summon until you get at least three copies of a unit like Aki, which would give you a strong start.

Getting duplicates of a main unit is beneficial as it allows you to upgrade that unit’s abilities, making them even more potent in battle.

Lucky Meta Follow

If during your summons you get a top-tier meta unit like Vivienne, it’s an added bonus.

Vivienne, for instance, can be a game-changer with the right setup and can be an indication to stop rerolling and start focusing on building your team around such a unit.

Mileage Goal

Aim for at least three copies of your chosen unit, plus the Mileage Rewards.

This gives you the ability to 'ascend' your units, increasing their power significantly.

Final Thoughts

In the universe of Eversoul, every decision shapes the destiny of your adventure.

From choosing a formidable main unit to wisely summoning allies, each step is crucial.

Enhancing your gear and optimizing your team composition are just as crucial as the units you choose to lead into battle.

As you apply the insights from this guide, remember that the efficiency of your summons and the strategic utilization of mileage rewards will pave the way for a thriving campaign.