Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Limbus Company

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Limbus Company
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

Welcome to Limbus Company, the latest offering from Project Moon, known for their innovative games like Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina.

This beginner's guide will help you navigate the complexities of Limbus Company, ensuring a smooth start to your gaming experience.

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Limbus Company

Getting Started: Basic Gameplay and Battle Mechanics

in game basic mechanics in limbus company

Color Connection Strategy

Connecting colors effectively during battle is more than just matching; it's about creating chains that enhance your team's abilities and execute powerful combinations.

Avoid unnecessary colors that do not contribute to activating any character’s EGO.

Understanding Turn Order and Speed Mechanics

Every battle in Limbus Company is influenced by a dynamic turn order system.

Each character's action order is determined by a speed roll—a randomly generated number that represents their quickness in that turn.

Recognizing how to manipulate or anticipate turn order based on these speed rolls is essential for strategic planning.

Mastering the Clash Meter

The Clash Meter is your visual guide to understanding which team holds the advantage in battle.

If the meter is dominated by orange sparks on your side, you're in a strong position.

It's not just a measure of who's attacking next, but also of who has tactical superiority at that moment.

Coin Flip Mechanics

Each character's skills may involve one or more coin flips that determine additional effects, such as inflicting burns or paralysis.

These coin flips add a layer of RNG (random number generation) that can both benefit and challenge players.

Managing these RNG elements effectively can be the key to securing victory, especially in tightly contested battles.

Advanced Strategies: Maximizing Your Gameplay

in game combat in limbus company

Strategic Action Selection

In battle, not every action is equal.

Some actions are labeled as 'favored' or 'dominating,' which are indicators of their potential effectiveness.

'Favored' actions have a higher chance of success, while 'dominating' actions are likely to result in superior outcomes.

Choosing the right action based on these indicators can significantly influence the battle's direction.

Exploiting Damage Types and Vulnerabilities

Characters in Limbus Company can inflict different types of damage: slashing, blunt, and piercing.

Each enemy type has specific vulnerabilities to these damage types.

For example, an enemy weak to slashing damage should be targeted with characters who specialize in this type.

This strategy not only maximizes damage but also conserves resources by efficiently dealing with threats.

Optimal Use of Coin Flips

Coin flips determine a lot more than just hit or miss; they also trigger special effects embedded within each character's skills.

Understanding which skills to use, based on the likelihood of beneficial coin flips, is a nuanced strategy.

For instance, if a skill with a high damage multiplier has a greater chance of activating on a coin flip, it might be worth the risk in crucial moments.

Resource and EGO Management

Resource management extends beyond just managing health or energy points.

The strategic use of 'EGOs'—special abilities that can significantly enhance a character's effectiveness—is crucial.

Each EGO has a cost and potential side effects, like attacking allies, which must be carefully balanced.

Knowing when to deploy these powerful abilities can turn the tide in difficult battles.

Tips for Managing Your Team and Resources

in game team setup in limbus company

Managing Your Team Composition

Balancing Team Dynamics

Your team should be a balanced mix of damage types and roles to handle different battle scenarios effectively.

Include characters who excel in slashing, blunt, and piercing damage to exploit enemy vulnerabilities.

Also, consider characters' special abilities and how these can complement each other to form a cohesive unit.

Character Rarity and Skills

Characters in Limbus Company are categorized by rarity, typically denoted as one-star, two-star, or three-star.

Higher rarity often suggests stronger individual skills, but the key to success lies in synergy and balance.

Strategic Character Selection

Select characters based not only on their individual strengths but also on how well they synergize with the team.

For instance, some characters might enhance others' abilities or increase the team's overall coin flip chances, which are crucial for triggering skill effects.

Role Specialization

While traditional roles like tank, healer, and DPS (damage per second) are less emphasized in Limbus Company, understanding each character's unique capabilities and how they contribute to the team's strategy remains essential.

Focus on how each character can manipulate battle conditions—through speed manipulation, damage buffs, or debuff applications.

Strategic Character Placement

Balancing the Team Layout

Your battle lineup should not only focus on individual strength but also on how characters complement each other’s abilities.

This involves placing characters in positions where they can maximize the utility of their skills and cover any weaknesses in the team.

Affinity Optimization

Each character’s affinity can influence others on the team.

For example, a character whose skills primarily generate green and yellow may need to be paired with another whose EGO moves synergize with these colors, ensuring no resource is wasted.

Resource Management Strategies

Effective Use of EGO Abilities

EGO abilities are powerful tools that can drastically affect the outcome of battles.

However, they often come with high costs or significant risks (like attacking team members if misused).

Manage these resources by deploying EGOs strategically, only when they ensure a crucial advantage or when they are necessary to turn the tide in critical battles.

Managing Coin Flips

Coin flips add an element of randomness that can be both a blessing and a curse.

To maximize their effectiveness:

  • Prioritize skills with higher success rates or beneficial outcomes on coin flips.
  • Use characters that can manipulate or increase coin flip chances.
  • Consider the risk-reward of relying on coin flips for crucial actions, and plan contingencies.

Optimizing Resource Allocation

Resources in Limbus Company extend beyond just in-game items or abilities; they also include character upgrades and the acquisition of new characters through rerolls.

Allocate resources like upgrade materials and EGO shards wisely.

Focus on upgrading characters that offer the most versatility and impact in various battle conditions.

Use rerolls strategically to obtain characters that enhance or complement your current team composition.

Advanced Resource Techniques

Exploiting the Duplication System

Characters can be enhanced by acquiring duplicates, which enhance their abilities and stats.

Prioritize obtaining duplicates for your core team members to maximize their effectiveness in battle.

EGO Shard Management

EGO shards are essential for activating and enhancing EGO abilities.

Manage these shards carefully.

Decide whether to save shards for future, potentially more powerful characters or to use them to strengthen your current roster.

Trade excess shards for other valuable resources if your current team composition is solid.

Sanity Points and EGO Costs

Managing sanity points is crucial, especially when using high-cost EGO abilities that can deplete sanity and lead to negative effects like corrosion.

Monitor your characters' sanity levels and use sanity-preserving strategies to maintain combat effectiveness throughout longer battles or campaigns.

Stamina Management Techniques

in game enkephalin and lunacy in limbus company

Stamina in Limbus Company, referred to as Enkephalin, is a key component that dictates how much you can play.

Managing it effectively ensures that you are always making progress.

Efficient Use of Stamina

Stamina Conversion into Modules

Before logging off or when you anticipate not playing for an extended period, convert your excess stamina into modules.

These modules can be used later and prevent your stamina from going to waste by sitting at full capacity.

Stamina Refill Timing

Plan your play sessions around the stamina refill rate to maximize gameplay time.

Engage in activities that use less stamina or require passive participation while your stamina refills.

Maximizing Gameplay Sessions

Before starting a play session, plan your activities based on your current stamina levels.

If you have full stamina, tackle high-cost dungeons or activities first to make room for natural regeneration.

Use modules strategically during active play sessions.

Since they can be used to enter dungeons that provide valuable resources and advancement opportunities, saving them for critical gameplay moments is essential.

Advanced Dungeon Entry Techniques

Using Enkephalin and Modules Wisely

Some dungeons require specific modules for entry.

Plan which dungeons you’ll tackle based on the modules you have and the rewards they offer, ensuring you are always advancing your team’s capabilities.

Target dungeons that offer the resources most needed for your current team upgrades or EGO activations.

This targeted approach ensures that your resource collection is always purposeful and impactful.

Navigating the Game Interface and Additional Features

in game window menu in limbus company

Game Interface Overview

Main Menu and Dashboard

The main menu is your central hub for accessing all game features.

It includes links to battles, your character roster, resource management, and settings.

Familiarize yourself with each section to streamline your gaming process.

  • Character Roster: View and manage your characters’ stats, abilities, and upgrades.
  • Resource Management: Access and allocate resources such as EGO shards and upgrade materials.
  • Settings: Adjust game settings to optimize performance and gameplay experience.

Battle Interface

The battle interface displays critical information during combat.

  • Health and Status Indicators: Monitor health bars and status effects on both your characters and the enemies.
  • Action Queue: Shows the turn order, influenced by character speed and other effects.
  • Clash Meter: Visual representation of battle dominance, guiding you on when you’re in a favorable or unfavorable position.

Advanced Features and Menus

Mirror Dungeon and Special Events

These special game modes offer unique challenges and rewards.

  • Mirror Dungeon: A mode where players can test their teams against increasingly difficult encounters, earning special rewards.
  • Special Events: Time-limited events providing unique challenges and the opportunity to earn exclusive items and characters.

Thread Exchange and EGO Shard Dispensary

These features allow for the trading and management of valuable resources.

  • Thread Exchange: Trade in EGO shards and other items for threads, which are essential for character upgrades.
  • EGO Shard Dispensary: Manage your collection of EGO shards, deciding whether to invest in current characters or save for future releases.

Utilizing Additional Features

EGOs and Identity Management

Choose EGOs that complement your team’s strengths and cover weaknesses.

Weigh the cost of activating EGOs against their benefits, considering the potential negative effects like sanity loss.

Duplication and Upgrading System

Upgrading your characters is essential for keeping up with the increasing difficulty.

Use duplicates to enhance character abilities, increasing their stats and unlocking new potential.

Invest in character upgrades systematically, focusing on those who offer the most utility and power in battle.

Abnormality Fights and Special Tactics

These are unique encounters with specific requirements and strategies.

Focus on exploiting specific enemy weaknesses dictated by the abnormality conditions.

Use resources like coin flips and EGOs wisely to maximize your effectiveness in these fights.

Learning and Information Resources

Utilize in-game help sections, tutorials, and community forums to enhance your understanding and skills.

Accessible explanations of game mechanics and interface elements.

Participate in community forums and discussions to learn from experienced players and discover new strategies.


Understanding and mastering Limbus Company’s intricate systems of speed dynamics, coin flips, and resource management can seem challenging at first.

However, with the strategies outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield.

Always pay attention to the game's feedback on your actions and continuously adjust your strategy to ensure you're maximizing your team's potential.