Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Guardian Tales

Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Guardian Tales
Last updated:
April 16, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate beginner's guide to Guardian Tales, your comprehensive resource for starting strong in this gacha game.

This guide will help you navigate the complexities of the game, making sure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The Guardian Tales' Beginner Guide

Starting Your Adventure in Guardian Tales

in game adventure mode in guardian tales

Prioritize the Main Story

The main story is not just a series of levels to be completed—it's your primary pathway to unlocking game features, increasing your hero's level cap, and accessing valuable resources.

Take your time with each stage.

If a level seems too difficult, it's a sign your team might need strengthening or better strategy.

While advancing through the story, balance your gameplay by participating in other game modes that can help you build your heroes' strength.

Engage in Dungeons

The strategic use of dungeons is crucial in the early stages of the game:

  • Evolution Dungeon: This should be your primary focus after the main story. Evolving your heroes increases their stats significantly, making them more powerful for all aspects of the game.
  • Resource Management: Instead of spending stamina repeatedly on the same dungeon stage, diversify your dungeon activities to include those that offer the best return on investment, such as those providing necessary upgrade materials or more experience.

Use Daily Dungeons Wisely

The game offers daily boosts that double the rewards from dungeons.

Align your gaming sessions to coincide with these boosts, ensuring that you gain the maximum benefits from your dungeon runs each day.

Although challenging, the Awakening Dungeon is a crucial resource for obtaining Awakening stones.

Try to complete your free daily runs in this dungeon to gradually collect these valuable items.

Navigating Guardian Tales’ Resources

in game stamina details in guardian tales

Key Currencies and Their Uses

  • Stamina (Coffee): As the primary resource for playing levels, manage your stamina efficiently by never letting it cap to continue its regeneration. Use it for progressing through story missions, towers, or rifts.
  • Gold: Vital for upgrading your equipment, gold is plentiful but should be hoarded for significant upgrades that will impact your gameplay positively.
  • Gems: The most valuable currency, used for summoning new heroes and acquiring unique items like costumes, which can boost your stats. Save these for critical spends that offer high value.

Specialized Resources for Advanced Gameplay

  • Hero Crystals: Given their rarity and importance in limit breaking heroes (which greatly enhances their abilities), reserve these for your most essential heroes.
  • Magic Metals and Mileage: Collected from weapon summons, magic metals should be spent in the Mileage Shop. Look for items that will enhance your team's strength, such as the Epic Exclusive Equipment Box. Mileage tickets, serving as a pity system, allow you to choose specific heroes or weapons after accumulating enough through summons.

Essential In-Game Resources

Two crucial resources within the game will significantly help your gameplay without needing to look for external guides:

Hero Journal

The Hero Journal is more than just a database; it's a strategic tool that helps players understand the varieties of each character.

  • Abilities and Skills: Learn what each hero can do, including their combat skills and any passive abilities.
  • Exclusive Weapons: Identify which weapons are tailored for which hero, which can significantly affect your strategy.
  • Stat Progression: Understand how heroes evolve as they level up and what stats they gain, which helps in planning your team’s development.

Item Book

The Item Book is crucial for managing your equipment effectively.

  • Identify Exclusive Weapons: Quickly find out which weapons are designed for your heroes, ensuring that you’re equipping your characters optimally.
  • Compare Gear Stats: Directly compare the stats of similar items, such as shields, to choose the best options for your heroes.
  • Optimize Gear Use: Avoid common pitfalls like mismatched weapons, which can hinder your progress.

Beyond the Main Story: What Next?

in game guild details in guardian tales

PvP and Raids

Players can choose to dive into more competitive gameplay such as PvP battles in the Arena or participate in cooperative guild raids.

The type of heroes you develop can differ based on whether you focus on PvP or PvE, affecting your strategies and resource allocation.

Collection Enhancement

End-game content involves enhancing your collection of heroes and weapons.

Every hero and weapon you collect and upgrade contributes to your overall stats.

This includes maxing out hero levels, awakening them fully, and upgrading weapons to their maximum potential.

The grind for resources like magic metals is crucial here.

Strategic Resource Management

Hunting for high-tier weapons and upgrading them to level 60 is essential for competitive gameplay.

Fine-tuning your gear with option changes and locks will significantly enhance your hero's performance in specific scenarios, especially in high-stakes PvP battles.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Stay updated with the game's evolving meta, which can shift with new hero releases and balance changes.

Adapting your strategy to these changes is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Advanced Strategies for Mastering Guardian Tales

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Understanding and Optimizing Character Roles

Characters in Guardian Tales are not just differentiated by their rarity but by their roles and abilities.

Each character has unique skills that can be pivotal in various game scenarios.

Here’s how you can maximize this knowledge:

  • Role Identification: Know whether your character is a tank, DPS (damage per second), or support. This influences their positioning and usage in battles.
  • Skill Synergy: Look at the synergies between character skills and party buffs. For example, pairing characters that enhance each other’s abilities, like one that boosts defense pairing with a tank, can be game-changing.
  • Exclusive Weapons: These weapons are designed to enhance a character’s specific skills. Knowing when a character’s performance is heavily dependent on their exclusive weapon can dictate your resource allocation priorities.

Strategic Use of Hero Crystals

Hero crystals are a valuable resource primarily used for limit breaking heroes, which significantly increases their power.

Avoid spending hero crystals on anything but the most impactful upgrades, such as limit breaking high-utility heroes.

Invest hero crystals in characters that will significantly benefit from limit breaks due to their role in your core team, especially in those who gain substantial boosts from increased levels.

Mileage and Magic Metals Economy

Mileage and magic metals are integral to acquiring and enhancing your gear.

Using them wisely can have a lasting impact on your game progression:

  • Mileage for Weapons: Since heroes are easier to obtain than their exclusive weapons, use mileage tickets primarily for obtaining difficult-to-pull weapons that are crucial for your main characters.
  • Magic Metals for Essential Purchases: Prioritize spending magic metals on items that offer the most utility, such as the monthly epic exclusive equipment box. Avoid the higher-cost options unless they offer significant advantages.

Maximizing the Value of Exclusive Weapons (EX Weapons)

EX Weapons are powerful tools.

Their effective use involves more than just equipping them.

Enhance and collect EX weapons to level 60 to unlock collection bonuses, which provide additional stats and benefits.

Only extract EX weapons for magic metals if they provide no strategic value to your current or planned teams.

Otherwise, they could be more beneficial if kept for future use.

Efficient Gem and Stamina Management

Gems and stamina are your main resources for engaging with the game's content.

Only refresh stamina during high-value events like double resource dungeons, which maximize your returns for gems spent.

Allocate gems towards activities that provide the highest return on investment, such as limited-time events or critical summons.