Ultimate Reroll Guide for Guardian Tales

Ultimate Reroll Guide for Guardian Tales
Last updated:
April 16, 2024

Rerolling in Guardian Tales can be a strategic way to start your adventure with a strong character lineup.

This guide will provide you with all the details you need to efficiently reroll and begin your journey in the game with optimal results.

Guardian Tales Reroll Guide

What is Rerolling?

in game opening screen in guardian tales

Rerolling is a common strategy used in many gacha games, including Guardian Tales, where players restart the game multiple times to take advantage of the initial free summons provided to new accounts.

This tactic aims to secure a strong start by obtaining high-tier heroes and their exclusive weapons right from the beginning.

Purpose of Rerolling

The main goal of rerolling is to give players a competitive edge early in the game.

In Guardian Tales, where certain heroes can drastically improve gameplay, starting with a strong team can help new players progress faster, handle tougher challenges, and enjoy a more satisfying game experience.

Benefits of Rerolling

  • Strong Start: Acquiring powerful heroes early on can make clearing levels and challenges much easier.
  • Resource Savings: By obtaining top-tier heroes through rerolls, players can save their precious in-game resources, like gems, for future events or more challenging content.
  • Strategic Advantage: Players can plan their long-term strategy around the heroes they acquire from rerolls, optimizing their team compositions and resource allocation from the outset.

Identifying Reroll Goals

The decision to reroll should be driven by specific objectives.

  • Target Heroes: Define which heroes are considered winners for your rerolls. This usually includes top-tier heroes known for their versatility and strength in multiple game modes.
  • Exclusive Weapons: Some heroes greatly benefit from their exclusive weapons, which enhance their abilities. Securing a hero along with their exclusive weapon can be a primary goal.
  • Overall Team Synergy: Consider how new heroes would fit into potential team compositions, aiming for a balanced lineup that can handle a variety of challenges.

How to Start Rerolling

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Step-by-Step Rerolling Guide

  • Install the Game: Download and install Guardian Tales on your device.
  • Choose to Play as a Guest: Start the game as a guest rather than linking it to an email or social media account immediately. This allows for easier resets if you're not satisfied with your summons.
  • Skip Through the Tutorial: Quickly progress through the tutorial and initial stages. The game's design typically requires you to complete the first few levels before you can access the summoning feature.
  • Reach the Summon Screen: Play until you reach the point where the game grants you free currency or summon tickets to perform your first batch of summons.

Tips for Efficient Rerolling

The faster you can get through the initial stages, the more rerolls you can perform in a given time.

Use auto-battle features if available, and skip dialogues and cutscenes.

Some servers might offer additional starting bonuses or events that provide more summoning resources.

For instance, starting on the Asia server often grants more gems due to regional events.

Don’t spend time thinking about account names during the rerolling phase.

Use random or quickly typed names to save time.

When to Stop Rerolling

Decide in advance which heroes or weapons you are aiming for.

Common targets might include high-tier heroes known for their effectiveness in both PvE and PvP modes.

Once you obtain one or more of these desired characters and ideally their exclusive weapons, you can consider stopping rerolls.

Finalizing Your Account

Once you're satisfied with your reroll results:

  • Link Your Account: Protect your progress by linking your game to a secure email.
  • Begin Your Adventure: Now that you have a strong starting lineup, you can focus on enjoying the game's storyline, building your team, and participating in events.

Ideal Reroll Target

in game claude hero information in guardian tales


Role: Tank

Known for his versatility, Claude can handle multiple roles effectively.

He can absorb a lot of damage and provide support, making him invaluable across all game modes.

His exclusive weapon and character availability during special events make him a strategic pick.

Future Princess

Role: Tank/Support

Future Princess is a strong character who can shield your team and provide healing.

Obtaining her from the World Clear Pass after completing World 9 gives new players a strong advantage in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Her full potential is unlocked with her exclusive weapon, which can be targeted through summoning or mileage if not obtained naturally.


Role: Healer

Available early in the game, Karina can be transformed into one of the game's best healers through the Hero Ascension system.

Her ability to heal and boost defense makes her crucial for survival in tougher battles.

While she offers great healing, her party buff is somewhat limiting, making her less versatile compared to other healers like Miya.


Role: DPS/Support

As a newer addition during the anniversary, Eunha brings a powerful DPS kit along with supportive skills that rival those of Kamael, making her a top-tier choice for any team composition.

Her effectiveness is enhanced with her exclusive weapon, which ideally should be obtained to maximize her performance.


Role: Support/DPS

Kamael excels in PvE with his ability to sustain the team and deal considerable damage.

His skills in healing and boosting team morale make him a top choice for challenging dungeons and story progression.

While not always available in special banners, he remains one of the best units for overall game health and progression.

Understanding the Summoning Process

in game summon banner in guardian tales

Basic Mechanics of Summoning

  • Currency: Summoning typically requires gems or tickets, which can be earned or are given to new players.
  • Summon Types: There are two main types of summons: Hero Summons and Weapon Summons. Each plays a crucial role in shaping your roster.

Guaranteed Pulls

Guardian Tales includes a system to guarantee certain rewards after a set number of pulls:

  • Hero Banner Guarantee: Within the first 30 pulls on a hero banner, you are guaranteed to summon at least one unique hero.
  • Weapon Banner Guarantee: Similarly, within the first 30 pulls on a weapon banner, you are guaranteed to receive at least one exclusive weapon.

Strategy for Using Guaranteed Pulls

Use the guaranteed pulls to your advantage by aiming to get as many top-tier heroes and weapons as you can with the initial free resources.

Understand the featured rates on different banners. Some banners may increase the likelihood of obtaining specific heroes or weapons.

Strategy for Successful Rerolls

in game server selection in guardian tales
  • Multiple Attempts: It may take several attempts to get the heroes or weapons you desire. Patience is key.
  • Asia Server Advantage: Consider starting on the Asia server for extra gems if the exclusive events are still active, giving you more summoning opportunities.
  • Use All Resources: Make sure to claim all initial rewards and bonuses available to maximize your summoning potential.