Black Clover Mobile: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Black Clover Mobile: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Last updated:
January 8, 2024

Dive into the new gacha game Black Clover M, which launched globally November 30, 2023, with this comprehensive beginner's guide.

Whether you've played previously or are starting out fresh in 2024, this guide has everything you need to get started on the right foot.

Let's dive in!

Black Clover Mobile: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Understanding the Basics

in game gameplay and mechanics in black clover m

Game Mechanics: Unique to Black Clover M, the game separates stamina for resource mission farming and story mode, offering a distinct gameplay experience.

Story Progression: Complete the story in under a week as a free-to-play player. Be strategic with your crystals; purchasing story mode tickets is costly.

Resource Management: Collect story tickets from various sources, including missions and beginner quests, to progress through the four-chapter story.

Stamina Use: Stamina is abundant. Use consumable boxes and the idle feature in your base for additional stamina.

Exploring Overworld Zones: Each story chapter unlocks a new Overworld Zone, filled with dungeons offering valuable rewards.

Collectibles and Resources: Gather daily collectibles in Overworld for extra stamina and materials. Use food materials from Overworld for resource stages.

Ascend your Character

in game mage units or characters black clover m

Skills and Upgrades

Enhance character skills using materials from quest chains, dungeons, and the Guild Shop.

Be wise with your upgrades due to short resources.

Bond and Ranking Systems

Increase your character's bond level through battle participation and dedicated bond stages.

Ascend ranks by fulfilling specific requirements, including bond level and Mage pieces.

Talents and Customization

Customize characters with passive talents, unlockable through a specific resource dungeon.

This system allows for a tailored approach to character building.

Gear System Insights

in game gear ancient mage relic in black clover m

Understanding Gear Attributes

Primary Stats: Identify and prioritize gear with primary stats that enhance your character's role (e.g., Attack for DPS, Defense for tanks).

Sub Stats: Look for gear with beneficial sub-stats, like speed or critical hit rate, that complement your character's abilities.

Layers of RNG in Gear Crafting

Randomness: Recognize the inherent randomness in gear stats and sub-stats.

Strategic Crafting: Focus on crafting gear pieces that have a higher chance of rolling desirable stats for your key characters.

Gear Sets and Bonuses

Set Synergy: Equip gear sets that offer bonuses aligning with your character's role.

Mix and Match: Experiment with different gear set combinations to optimize your character’s performance.

Mastering Gear Crafting and Characters

in game gear enchantment in black clover m

Mastering Gear Crafting

Material Management

Farm dungeons strategically to gather the right materials for crafting.

Balance your resources between crafting new gear and upgrading existing pieces.

Optimizing Gear Upgrades

Focus on upgrading gear pieces with the best potential stat rolls.

Enhance gear incrementally to assess stat increases before investing heavily.

Understanding Gear Tiers

Ascend gear through tiers to unlock higher stat potentials.

Weigh the cost of tier upgrades against the potential stat benefits.

Character Synergy with Gear

Aligning Gear with Character Roles
  • DPS Characters: Equip gear that maximizes damage output, like attack and critical hit gear.
  • Support Characters: Focus on gear that enhances survivability and utility, such as health and speed.

Character-Specific Gear Choices
  • Unique Builds: Tailor gear choices to exploit each character’s unique abilities and skills.
  • Experimentation: Test different gear combinations to find the optimal setup for each character.

Balancing Team Gear Distribution
  • Holistic Approach: Ensure a balanced distribution of high-quality gear across your team.
  • Role Prioritization: Prioritize gear upgrades for characters who have the most impact on your team’s performance.

Navigating the Arena System

in game arena rankings season in black clover m

Understanding the Arena Mechanics

Rank Progression

Early Stages: Recognize that initial ranks (Bronze, Silver) are populated mostly by bots, easing your entry into PvP.

Higher Ranks: Prepare for increased difficulty and strategy as you progress to ranks with real players.

Meta Analysis

Current Meta: Stay informed about the prevailing meta, like the dominance of blue units in defense.

Counter Strategies: Develop teams and strategies to counter popular meta choices.

Arena Combat Strategies

Team Composition

Balanced Teams: Build a team with a mix of offense, defense, and support to handle various threats.

Meta-Responsive: Adjust your team composition based on the current arena meta.

Tactical Play

Anticipation: Predict opponent moves based on common strategies and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Turn Order: Manage the turn order effectively, prioritizing actions of your key units.

Using the Arena Shop

Reward Maximization

Shop Offers: Regularly check the arena shop for valuable gear and upgrade materials.

Strategic Purchases: Prioritize items in the shop that are scarce or particularly beneficial for your team.

Seasonal Rewards

Weekly Rewards: Engage in the arena consistently to claim weekly rewards.

Seasonal Goals: Set targets for each season to achieve higher tiers and better rewards.

Engaging in Challenges and Dungeons

in game challenges in black clover m

Navigating Dungeon Types

Daily Dungeons

Regularly engage in daily dungeons for consistent resource acquisition.

Explore different dungeons for gear, upgrade materials, and special event challenges.

Special Dungeons

Keep an eye out for event-specific dungeons offering unique rewards.

Plan your dungeon runs based on the rewards that align with your current needs.

Endless Tower Challenges

Prepare for increasing challenges as you ascend floors in tower-type dungeons.

Adjust your team and strategy based on the unique requirements of each floor.

Strategies for Dungeon Success

Team Optimization

Build teams specifically designed for the challenges of each dungeon.

Focus on character synergies and counter-strategies for dungeon bosses.

Resource Management

Maximize the benefits from each dungeon attempt, focusing on those with the most valuable rewards.

Balance your energy/stamina expenditure between different activities.

Exploring the Overworld and Regional Shops

in game overworld exploration in black clover m

Overworld Exploration

  • Progressive Unlocks: As you progress through story chapters, new areas of the Overworld become accessible.
  • Resource Farming: Use these areas for farming specific resources and gear.

Understanding Regional Shops

  • Unique Currencies: Each Overworld region offers unique currencies collected from local dungeons.
  • Shop Offerings: Regional shops provide crucial items like skill-up materials and crafting ingredients.

Maximizing Gains from Regional Shops

  • Prioritize Skill-Up Materials: These are essential for enhancing your characters' abilities.
  • Weekly Refreshes: Keep track of shop refreshes to replenish stocks of vital resources.
  • Allocate Currency Wisely: Balance spending between immediate needs and saving for rarer, more valuable items.
  • Avoiding Traps: Be cautious of items that may seem useful but don't offer the best value for your resources.

Event Participation and Summoning Strategy

in game dice event in black clover m

Mastering Event Participation

  • Event Updates: Regularly check in-game announcements and community forums for upcoming events.
  • Read Event Details: Understand the objectives, rewards, and duration of each event.
  • Tailor Teams: Adjust your team composition based on the specific challenges of each event.
  • Use Event Buffs: Some events offer temporary buffs or bonuses. Leverage these to maximize your performance.
  • Prioritize High-Value Events: Focus on events that offer rare or essential items, such as unique characters or upgrade materials.
  • Complete All Tiers: Aim to complete all reward tiers of an event to gain the maximum benefits.
  • Efficient Play: Balance your time between events and regular gameplay to maintain overall progression.
  • Event Planning: Allocate specific times for event participation to ensure completion before they end.

Summoning Strategy

Understanding Summon Mechanics

Familiarize yourself with the summon rates and featured units on each banner.

Know how the pity system works, and plan summons around reaching pity thresholds when necessary.

Resource Allocation

Save your summoning currencies for banners with high-value or desired units.

Use selective summons strategically to acquire key units that enhance your team.

Balancing Wants and Needs

Focus on summoning units that are strong in the current meta or fill gaps in your team.

Avoid summoning on every new banner. Be selective to ensure the best use of your resources.

Long-Term Planning

Keep an eye on upcoming banners and plan your summoning resources accordingly.

Aim for a balanced roster that can handle various aspects of the game, from PVE to PVP.

Unit Selection and Team Building

in game team setup in black clover m

Essential Principles of Unit Selection

Role and Synergy

Identify each unit's role (DPS, tank, healer, support, debuffer).

Choose units that complement each other's abilities and create strong team dynamics.

Meta Considerations

Stay informed about the current game meta, which influences the effectiveness of units.

Be prepared to adjust your team as the meta evolves with game updates and new unit releases.

Special Abilities and Niches

Prioritize units with unique or rare abilities that can be pivotal in certain game modes.

Some units may excel in specific scenarios (PvP, certain dungeons, events), making them valuable in those contexts.

Building a Balanced Team

Comprehensive Coverage

Ensure your team covers essential roles – damage, tanking, healing, and support.

Aim for a team capable of handling various challenges, from boss battles to PvP encounters.

Team Synergy

Select units whose skills and passives synergize, enhancing overall team effectiveness.

Pay attention to elemental strengths and weaknesses, balancing your team accordingly.

Upgrading and Evolving Units

Focus on upgrading units that will remain valuable long-term.

Evolve units in a way that supports your overall team strategy and game progression.

Using Free Resources and Re-Rolls

pre-registration rewards in black clover m

Maximizing Free Resources

Daily and Weekly Quests

Ensure you complete daily and weekly quests consistently for steady resource accumulation.

Plan your gameplay around these quests to maximize efficiency.

Event Participation

Participate in all in-game events, as they often offer valuable resources and unique rewards.

Prioritize events based on the resources or rewards that best suit your current needs.

Achievements and Milestones

Aim to complete achievements and milestones that offer significant rewards.

Regularly check your progress and plan your gameplay to hit these targets.

Login Bonuses

Log in daily to claim all available login bonuses, an effortless way to accumulate resources.

Leveraging Re-Rolls

Understanding Re-Rolls

Re-rolls allow you to 're-roll' or re-attempt summoning to get more favorable units early in the game.

They are crucial for a strong start, especially for free-to-play players.

Strategic Re-Rolling

Identify which units you aim to acquire through re-rolls based on current meta and your strategy.

Aim to get the most out of your re-rolls by focusing on high-value units.

Selective Summoning

Take advantage of selective summoning, which often allows multiple re-rolls to get a preferred unit.

Research which units are most beneficial for beginners or fit your desired team composition.

Advancing in the Game

in game victory match black clover m

Understanding Game Progression

Prioritize completing the story mode as it unlocks new features, resources, and areas of the game.

Keep an eye on your progression and aim to complete chapters efficiently.

Focus on leveling up your main team, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle increasingly difficult challenges.

Balance unit upgrades with resource availability, prioritizing key characters for optimal progression.

Expanding Game Aspects

Regularly participate in dungeons and limited-time challenges for essential resources and unique rewards.

Adjust and refine your team and strategies based on PvP meta and opponents’ formations.

Strategic Resource Management

Wisely manage in-game resources such as gold, crystals, and upgrade materials for sustainable growth.

Prioritize spending on areas that significantly impact your progression, like key unit upgrades and essential gear.

Plan for future content and updates, saving resources for upcoming characters or features.

Talent Farming

talent farming yami black clover m

Talent farming in Black Clover Mobile is a critical aspect for players looking to enhance their characters' abilities efficiently.

It revolves around acquiring two types of items: the 'big ones' (orange) and the 'small ones' (green). The key to effective farming lies in balancing these two.

Let's dive into the best strategies for talent farming, helping you avoid common pitfalls and maximize your stamina usage.

Key Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid converting three small ones into a big one and vice versa.
  • Crafting either way can lead to a waste of resources and stamina.

Stage Farming Strategies

Choosing the right stage to farm is crucial for efficient talent farming.

The Efficiency of Stage 9
  • Stage 9 offers a good balance, typically dropping two green items and one orange.
  • This stage aligns well with the 2:1 ratio needed for upgrading talents.

Farming Higher Stages
  • Stage 15 is ideal for farming orange items but can be less efficient for green ones.
  • It's recommended to farm Stage 15 for orange items and then switch to lower stages for green items.

Squad Participation and Community

Join a Squad

Engage in squad activities and contribute to earn Guild medals, which can be used in the Guild Shop for essential materials.

Community Interaction

Stay connected with the community through Discord and keep an eye on the channel for more Black Clover M content.

Final Recommendations

  1. Story First: Prioritize story progression to unlock new regions and quests.
  2. Resource Allocation: Balance your stamina use between story progression and resource farming.
  3. Character Focus: Upgrade characters strategically, considering the scarcity of resources.
  4. Engagement: Participate in community discussions and guild activities for a richer gaming experience.
  5. Team Strategy: Aim for a strong blue team for early success in both PVP and gear farming.
  6. Content Engagement: Focus on story progression, PVP, and character farming for a well-rounded experience.
  7. Community Involvement: Join Discord communities for more Black Clover M content and tips.


Black Clover M offers a unique and immersive experience for beginners and veterans alike.

By understanding the game's mechanics, effectively managing resources, and strategically developing characters, you can fully enjoy this captivating world.

Remember, every choice in resource allocation and character development counts in shaping your journey in Black Clover M.