Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List and Re-roll Guide

Black Clover Mobile: Ultimate Tier List and Re-roll Guide
Last updated:
February 12, 2024

Embarking on the journey of Black Clover M?

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out in 2024, mastering the game's mechanics is key to success.

Two critical components to focus on are the game's comprehensive tier list and the essential reroll guide. (Pro Tip: Use Bluestacks to speed up the rerolling process)

Understanding these will equip you with the knowledge to make strategic decisions, ensuring a more rewarding and efficient gaming experience.

Let's dive in!

Ultimate Tier List and Reroll Guide for Black Clover Mobile (Global Version)

Choosing the Right Units While Rerolling

in game summon or roll in black clover m

Embarking on the adventure in Black Clover Mobile, you are faced with a crucial decision: selecting the right units for your team.

This choice shapes your gameplay experience, strategy, and progression.

Let's go through the best non-limited units to reroll for:

Best SSR Units

Lotus Whomalt

Role: Debuffer

Exceptional in slowing enemies and inflicting debuffs, making dungeon challenges more manageable.

His ability to reduce enemy speed and resistance gives players a strategic upper hand in battles.

AOE (Area of Effect) and single-target abilities, useful in various combat scenarios.


Role: Defender

Best-in-class defense stats, vital for absorbing damage in both PvE and PvP.

His ability to withstand hits makes him essential for challenging content and prolonged battles.

Effective in multiple game modes, especially in red dungeons for gear farming.

William Vangeance

Role: Supporter

His counter abilities disrupt enemy strategies in PvP, making him a tough opponent.

Offers a good mix of attack and defense, maintaining relevance in various stages of the game.

Remains effective even as game meta evolves, especially in PvP.

Best SR Units

Finral Roulacase

Role: Supporter

Increases team speed, allowing for quicker attacks and potentially outdo opponents.

Ideal for teams that rely on speed to gain the upper hand in battle sequences.


Role: Supporter

Boosts team stamina, crucial for enduring longer battles and executing more skills.

While some prefer speed (Finral), others value stamina (Valtos) for sustained combat effectiveness.

Strategic Considerations

  • Combining Strengths: Pairing units like Lotus and Mars can create a balanced team, capable of both offense and defense.
  • Skill Synergy: Selecting units whose skills complement each other is key to building a robust team.
  • Adapting to Meta: As the game evolves, keeping an eye on emerging units and strategies is important to stay competitive.

Skill Cards to Look Out For

in game ssr and sr skill pag summon in black clover m

Greatest SSR Skill Cards

Cunning Commander
  • Specialty: Enhances Lotus's debuffing capabilities.
  • Impact: Significantly boosts Lotus's effectiveness in both PvE and PvP, making him a more formidable debuffer.

Survival of the Fittest
  • Specialty: Strengthens Mars's defensive attributes.
  • Impact: Increases Mars's tanking ability, essential for enduring tough battles and protecting allies.

Breath of Darkness
  • Specialty: Increases attack and magic attack by 10%.
  • Impact: Beneficial for any unit, providing a substantial boost in offensive capabilities.

Crystal Orb of the Abyss
  • Specialty: Recovers a percentage of HP at the start of your turn.
  • Impact: Essential for sustainability in long battles, particularly in dungeons and challenging PvP matches.

Breath of Water
  • Specialty: Has a chance to remove a debuff upon taking damage.
  • Impact: Invaluable in PvP, where removing debuffs can turn the tide of battle.

Greatest SR Skill Cards

Night Blooming Flower
  • Effect: Provides a chance to apply fortified status upon taking damage, reducing incoming damage.
  • Usage: Particularly useful for tanks and front line units absorbing multiple hits.

Mysterious Ancient Book
  • Effect: Increases damage by 7%.
  • Usage: A more accessible option for boosting a unit's damage output, especially when SSR cards are out of reach.

Strategic Usage of Skill Cards

  • Synergize with Units: Match skill cards with unit strengths. For example, defensive cards with tanks and offensive cards with attackers.
  • Adapt to Situations: In PvE, cards enhancing sustainability (like healing) are crucial, while in PvP, debuff removal or counter cards might be more effective.
  • Upgrading Cards: Enhancing cards can significantly boost their effects, so prioritize upgrading cards that align with your main units.

Ideal Re-roll Outcomes

For the best start in Black Clover Mobile, aim for a combination of top-tier SSR and SR units along with impactful skill cards.

A re-roll that includes Lotus, Mars, or William, paired with Finral or Valtos, and complemented by any of the recommended SSR or SR skill cards, would be ideal.

The Making of the Tier List

graphic tier list of units in black clover m
Prydwen's PVE Tier List

Insights from long-time players provide a valuable perspective, particularly regarding the nuances and hidden strengths of various units.

The units are compared against each other to understand their relative strengths and weaknesses. This helps in categorizing them into different tiers.

The tier list is not static. It evolves with game updates, new units, and shifting metas.

This means continuous engagement and analysis are required to keep the tier list relevant.

Tier List Summary

S-Tier Units‍: Yami Sukehiro, Summer Noelle, Julius, Summer Charmy, Mimosa Vermillion [Clover Academy], Asta [Clover Academy], William Vangeance, Lotus Whomalt, Mars, Rhya, Langris Vaude, Halloween Noelle, Black Asta

‍A-Tier Units: Charlotte, Rades Spirito, Summer Yuno, Yami [Clover Academy], Fana, Licht, Finral Roulacase, Kiato, Kahono, Yuno [Golden Dawn], Halloween Charmy

B-Tier Units: Red Asta, Gauche Adlai, Valtos, ‍Solid Silva,

C-Tier Units: Leopold Vermillion, Vetto, ‍Jack the Ripper, ‍Nozel Silva, Magna Swing, ‍Mimosa Vermillion, Vanessa Enoteca

‍D-Tier Units: Luck Voltia, Heath Grice, Sol Marron

S-Tier Units

in game yami sukehiro unit in black clover m

Yami Sukehiro

Role: Attacker

AOE damage and debuff, with a focus on bleed effects.

Excellent in both boss battles and PvP, versatile in different game modes.

Causes ongoing damage to multiple enemies. Increases his effectiveness in PvE, especially against bosses.

Summer Noelle

Role: Attacker

Summer Noelle, featured in Season 2, is a powerhouse character worth mastering.

Noelle boasts a powerful AOE basic attack, increasing damage when she has a barrier or the Blessing of Water.

Her skill two is a game-changer, granting a designated ally the Blessing of Water and all allies a barrier and favored damage increase. Her ultimate skill further enhances her magic attack and provides sustained damage boosts.

It’s important to note that Noelle’s counterattack is triggered by the Blessing of Water, making her an excellent revenge attacker.

By leveraging her unique skill set, strategically selecting talents and gear, and pairing her with complementary teammates, you can unleash her full potential in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Remember, the key to maximizing Noelle’s effectiveness lies in using her counterattacks and ensuring her survival.


in game julius unit in black clover m

Role: Attacker

Julius, coming to Global for Christmas, is one of the top units in Black Clover Mobile, offering a unique blend of skills that make him an invaluable asset in both PvP and PvE.

His abilities, especially the passives, provide significant advantages like auto-revive and increasing damage based on speed, including a complete counter to units like Noelle with his second skill.

Julius is not just strong now; his future potential is substantial, making him a must-have for any player.

Summer Charmy

Role: Healer

Primarily a healer, offering exceptional sustainability in both PvP and PvE.

Her ability to consistently heal all allies over time and increase all allies defense provides a lot of survivability, especially in PvP.

Best paired with a mage to boost their MATK.

Halloween Noelle

Role: Debuffer

Halloween Noelle emerges as a formidable character in PvP, donning a little devil costume that's not just for show. She brings tons of debuffs to the battlefield, including extending debuff durations, reducing SP, and lowering magic attack, alongside a unique ability to inflict taunt and block HP recovery.

Her special skill strips away buffs, disarms weapons, and drastically cuts down SP. Additionally, her passive abilities significantly impact the fight from the get-go, reducing attacker-class allies' attack power and increasing the damage the enemy team takes.

Getting Halloween Noelle to Enchantment 2 is crucial for exploiting her full potential, as it introduces a passive that dramatically increases damage taken by the enemy team, making her indispensable for PvP strategies. Coupled with the right team, she can unleash devastating burst plays, further enhanced by her ability to block continuous HP recovery at Enchantment 5.

In the PvP arena, Halloween Noelle is a game-changer, capable of silencing opponents and pairing well with characters like S3 Charlotte for even more control, making her a top-tier choice for any player serious about PvP.

Mimosa Vermillion [Clover Academy]

Role: Healer

Another healer, offering sustainability in both PvP and PvE.

Her ability to consistently heal allies makes her crucial for long battles. Provides significant survivability, especially in PvP.

Best paired with units that benefit from sustained fights, enhancing both offensive and defensive strategies.

Asta [Clover Academy]

Role: Attacker

A top-tier DPS, especially effective against bosses.

Excels in dealing massive damage to individual targets. Boasts one of the highest attack stats in the game.

Pairs excellently with units that stack attack buffs, like William.

Focus on enhancing his attack and speed to maximize DPS output.

William Vangeance

Role: Support/Buffer

A buffer and crowd control unit, enhancing team performance.

Increases the team's survivability and boosts team DPS significantly.

Works well with DPS units, especially those like Asta, who rely on high attack power.

Use William to enhance your main attackers and control the battlefield with stuns.

Lotus Whomalt

Role: Debuffer

Versatile unit with debuff and damage capabilities.

He reduces enemy speed and stamina.

Causes significant damage, especially with his incapacitate ability.

Use Lotus to control enemy teams and soften targets for your DPS units.


Role: Tank

Tank with high defensive capabilities.

Best tank in the game, with a unique blend of high defense and offensive capabilities.

Can control enemy focus and disrupt their attacks.

Ensures longevity in battle, absorbing significant damage.


Role: Attacker

DPS, with a balance of single-target and AOE damage.

Versatile in attacking capabilities, suitable for various combat scenarios.

Can remove buffs from enemies, adding a strategic layer to his role in battle.

Capable of dealing significant damage in both single-target and AOE scenarios.

Langris Vaude

Role: Attacker

His skill set revolves around magic and strategic SP management.

Langris Vaude's arsenal includes a powerful AoE Special Skill, Space Destruction Barrage, which damages all enemies and applies various effects like blocking HP recovery, increasing favored damage for allies, and granting himself debuff immunity.

His passive abilities are decent: he gains an SP+2 buff at the start of a turn and, uniquely, when his HP falls below 30%, he receives an Immortality buff for one turn, but only once per battle.

Black Asta

Role: Tank

Black Asta blends the roles of a defender and DPS effectively, thanks to his unique Anti-Magic state which transforms his abilities significantly. His skill set evolves with the activation of Anti-Magic, enhancing his attacks with additional effects such as dispelling barriers and taunting enemies, alongside a passive that boosts his damage output based on his defense stats when his health drops below a certain threshold.

However, Black Asta's potential relies heavily on the presence of specific team members, notably the yet-to-be-released Queen of Witches, who is pivotal for unlocking his full capabilities in the current accelerated game meta. Despite this limitation, a well-assembled team around Black Asta can turn him into a top-tier unit, especially in dedicated mono-power setups that leverage synergies with characters like Golden Dawn Yuno and the strategic use of buffs like 'Crimson Blood' from the Queen of Witches.

A-Tier Units

visual image of character rades spirito in black clover m

Rades Spirito

Role: Tank

Solid defensive capabilities and utility, making him a reliable choice for sustained engagements.

Enhances his tanking abilities, including a unique shield that can stop stuns, a crucial feature in PvP.

Lacks a taunt ability, which slightly limits his utility compared to top-tier tanks like Mars.

Surprisingly effective in dealing damage for a tank.

Charlotte Roselei

Role: Debuffer

Charlotte's gameplay revolves around weakening opponents to boost her team's damage, particularly effective against bosses thanks to her ability to diminish enemy defense and her incapacitate debuff, creating opportunities for burst damage. She is an invaluable asset, especially given her availability as a free character, though maximizing her effectiveness requires skill refinement to increase her marking capability. However, you should be cautious of enemies capable of removing debuffs or taking multiple turns, as these can undermine her strategies.

In PvP, while Charlotte can serve as a prelude to powerful attacks by amplifying damage, finding her a spot in the current meta can be challenging due to the availability of other units with similar or better debuff capabilities. However, her utility in PvE and potential in lower-tier PvP matches, especially when paired with speed boosters, makes her a character worth developing.

Summer Yuno

Role: Support/Debuffer

A free-to-obtain SSR unit, Seasonal Yuno emerges as a DPS debuff support character, enhancing the damage output of your DPS units in PVE.

His passive skill is key, accumulating life points through skill use. Aim for six life points by turn four for maximum damage output.

However, Yuno’s effectiveness in PvP is uncertain. His green typing might pose challenges, especially with dominant characters like Summer Noelle in the PvP meta.

Yami [Clover Academy]

Role: Attacker

Yami excels as an offensive powerhouse, particularly effective against red units.

Known for his high damage skills, he is a go-to choice for players seeking to clear content quickly.

His kit is tailored to counter red units, making him invaluable in specific battles.

Halloween Charmy

Role: Attacker

Her first skill ignites the enemy with a burn effect for two turns and stuns them if they're already suffering from the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff, provided you have the right skill card. Her second skill cleverly uses the [Halloween Firecrackers] effect to detonate the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff, requiring precise timing to maximize damage. The special skill introduces the [Pumpkin Pie] debuff, which is a ticking time bomb of increasing damage that transfers between enemies, further complicated by additional burn effects.

Charmy’s gameplay revolves around strategic debuff management, making her a challenging yet rewarding character to master. She excels in prolonged battles, setting up devastating burn effects and explosions. Despite her strength, Charmy's reliance on specific setups and the evolving PvP meta suggest careful consideration before investing heavily in her.

Dupes significantly enhance Charmy's utility, especially at Enchantment 2, where she becomes a formidable burn debuff provider. This makes her an essential support in burn-focused teams.


Role: Attacker

AOE damage dealer, with a focus on burn effects.

Effective against red units and in cleave teams due to her AOE damage and burn abilities.

Allows her to damage multiple enemies and inflict burn, which can be crucial in wearing down enemy teams.

Makes her a sustainable DPS unit, able to regain health while dealing damage.


Role: Attacker

DPS, known for his immortality and high damage output.

Unique in his ability to become unkillable temporarily, making him a persistent threat in battle.

Enhances his damage output, making him particularly effective in breaking through enemy defenses.

His area-of-effect attacks allow him to impact multiple enemies at once.

Finral Roulacase

Role: Supporter

Increases speed and attack for allies, making him a valuable asset for boosting team performance.

Can remove enemy buffs, adding a strategic edge in battles.

Offers increased damage under certain conditions, like crits, adding a burst potential to his skillset.


Role: Attacker

Coming to Global after New Year, he is a worse version of Julius, but still pretty effective if you don't have him.


Role: Healer

Coming to Global after New Year too, she is a worse version of Summer Charmy, but still an effective healer if you don't have her.

Yuno [Golden Dawn]

Role: Debuffer

His abilities have become increasingly relevant as players look to integrate him with new characters like Charlotte and other Season 3 units in the game. He is really good in PvP but lacks usefulness in PvE battles.

The chance to inflict silence and taunt with his skills adds a layer of crowd control, disrupting enemy strategies and reducing their ability to attack effectively.

B-Tier Units

visual image of character red asta in black clover m

Red Asta

Role: Tank

Exhibits strong tank characteristics with AOE stuns and taunts, coupled with self-defense boosts.

Particularly strong in green-themed stages, enhancing his value in specific scenarios.

While a solid choice for an SR tank, Red Asta may not rival the utility and power of top-tier SSR tanks.

Gauche Adlai

Role: Attacker

Exceptional at dealing damage to individual targets, making him ideal for boss battles and focused attacks.

Has the capability to launch extra attacks, which can be decisive in certain combat situations.

Some of his attacks scale with buffs, enhancing his damage potential when synergized with team buffs.


Role: Supporter

Provides crucial buffs to teammates, enhancing their stamina and magic attack.

Offers a unique ability to reduce damage when attacked by debuffers, adding a layer of protection for the team.

His area-of-effect attacks contribute to dealing damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.

Solid Silva

Role: Attacker

Can silence multiple enemies, a vital ability in disrupting enemy strategies in battle.

His damage scales off critical hits, potentially leading to high burst damage outputs.

A blend of utility (through silence) and damage, making him a valuable asset in various combat scenarios.

C-Tier Units

visual details leopold vermillion in black clover m

Leopold Vermillion

Role: Attacker

Effective in inflicting burn status, enhancing his damage potential.

Grants a degree of sustainability in battles.

His effectiveness is limited to certain team compositions and scenarios, particularly those focusing on burn synergy.


Role: Defender

Offers self-sustainability and enhanced damage under certain conditions.

Can reduce enemy damage, offering a tactical advantage.

Compared to higher-tier tanks, Vetto falls short in overall effectiveness and utility.

Jack the Ripper

Role: Attacker

Excels in dealing damage to individual targets.

Other units, including some SRs, can offer similar or better single-target damage, reducing his appeal.

Nozel Silva

Role: Debuffer

Effective in applying poison and reducing enemy stats, useful in specific strategies.

His overall impact in battles is considered less significant compared to higher-tier units.

Magna Swing

Role: Attacker

Can be a reliable damage dealer in certain scenarios.

Doesn't excel in any particular aspect, making him less desirable compared to more specialized units.

Mimosa Vermillion

Role: Supporter

Effective in supporting the team through healing.

Other units offer more comprehensive support capabilities.

Vanessa Enoteca

Role: Supporter

Provides essential buffs like accuracy and defense up.

Capable of blocking damage completely under certain conditions.

Her effectiveness is more pronounced in specific team compositions and battle scenarios.

D-Tier Units

visual image of character luck voltia in black clover m

Luck Voltia

Role: Attacker

Possesses skills focused on straightforward damage output.

Doesn't offer diverse utility or specialized abilities.

Easily overshadowed by higher-tier DPS units.

Heath Grice

Role: Debuffer

Capable of applying negative effects to enemies.

Offers some level of team support, though not extensively.

His debuffing and support abilities are not as impactful or comprehensive as higher-tier units.

Best suited for very specific scenarios or team compositions.

Sol Marron

Role: Defender

Primarily focuses on absorbing damage and protecting the team.

Can draw enemy attacks towards himself.

Compared to other tanks, Soul's defensive capabilities are less effective.

Offers limited additional utility beyond basic tanking functions.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey in Black Clover Mobile, this tier list and re-roll guide will be your roadmap to a strong start.

These unit and card recommendations are designed to ease your progression through dungeons and provide an edge in PvP battles.

The tier list is a comprehensive process, blending community insights, practical gameplay experience, and an openness to adaptation.

Adapt and experiment to find what works best for your playstyle.