Mastering Ines, Arknights' New Versatile Vanguard

This guide will go into Ines's abilities, traits, and skills, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.
Last updated:
October 23, 2023

Are you a casual or new player in Arknights, wondering whether to pull for the upcoming operator Ines?

Look no further!

This guide will explore Ines's abilities, traits, and skills, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Arknights Operator Spotlight: Mastering Ines, The Versatile Vanguard

Ines Vanguard-Agent Operator Arknights

Understanding Ines's Archetype and Traits

Vanguard, But With a Twist

Ines is a one-block Vanguard operator designed to handle early-stage mobs and generate DP (Deployment Points).

Unlike many Vanguards, she belongs to the Agent archetype, which has two key advantages:

  1. Reduced Redeployment Time: After retreating Ines, you only wait 35 seconds to redeploy her, compared to the usual 70 seconds for most Vanguards.
  2. Extended Attack Range: Ines can perform ranged attacks, giving her a default range that extends an extra tile over other melee Vanguards.

Agent Archetype: A Unique Edge

Ines shares this Agent archetype with operators like Cantabile and Puzzle, known for balancing damage and DP regeneration.

Her archetype hints at a gameplay style centered around smart placement and effective redeployment rather than passive playstyle.

Ines's Talents: What Makes Her Unique?

Talent 1: Shadow Weaving

Ines Shadow Weaving Talent Arknights

On her first hit against every enemy, Ines binds them for 5 seconds and steals a portion of their attack.

This effect lasts until the target is defeated or Ines retreats.

Talent 2: Shadow Sentinel

Ines Shadow Sentinel Talent Arknights

Enemies within Ines's attack range lose their stealth and suffer a 30% movement speed debuff.

When she's retreated, she leaves behind a "shadow sentinel" that continues to apply these effects.

Both talents suggest a versatile and robust operator capable of tackling various challenges.

Ines's Skills: The Core of Her Gameplay

Skill 1: Shadow Assault

Every few auto-attacks, Ines applies short Arts damage over time (for 3 seconds) to the enemy and grants 2 DP.

Skill 2: Lightless Night

This manually-triggered skill provides a 12-second buff that includes increased attack range, boosted attack percentage, and stealth.

It also grants DP per hit and steals the enemy's attack speed.

Skill 3: Lone Shadow's Return

Ines Lone Shadow's Return Skill Arknights

This skill changes Ines's deployment dynamics.

Initially, she costs zero DP and leaves a shadow sentinel upon immediate retreat.

On her second deployment, the shadow sentinel moves towards her, dealing damage to enemies in its path. This skill brings a new layer of strategic depth to her gameplay.

Is Ines Worth Your Pulls?

If you're seeking a Vanguard operator with a rich skill set and dynamic gameplay, Ines is a solid choice.

Her second skill, Lightless Night, is particularly versatile and likely to be the most commonly upgraded skill, as it's one of the best Vanguard skills in the game so far.

However, if you're more inclined towards straightforward gameplay, you might find her third skill too complex for most challenges.

Final Thoughts

Ines brings an exciting range of abilities and skills to the table, making her a compelling addition to your Arknights roster.

Whether you choose to pull for her or not, understanding her mechanics can only improve your gameplay experience.

Good luck to everyone pulling for Ines!