8 Common Mistakes in Arknights: Learn From Players' Regrets

We've compiled a list of Arknights' early mistakes other players have made during their journey, which will hopefully save you some future headaches!
Last updated:
September 26, 2023

Arknights, a captivating tower defense game, has held players' attention for over four years.

Given its intricate mechanics and features, it's almost inevitable for players, both novice and veterans, to make mistakes.

But as they say, the best way to learn is from others' mistakes.

So, let's dive in and hopefully save you some future headaches!

The 8 Most Common Mistakes in Arknights: Learn From Players' Regrets

1. Base Management: The 252 Setup

252 Base Setup Arknights

  • The Mistake: Not using the 252 base layout and neglecting to farm sufficient XP and gold.
  • Why It Matters: The 252 layout is optimal for players who actively engage with the game multiple times a day. It ensures a balanced resource gain, especially in terms of XP tickets and LMD (money in Arknights).
  • Tip: Find a base layout strategy that complements your playstyle. Don't just follow the crowd—find what works for you.

2. Originite Prime Farming in Base

Originite Prime Farming in Base Arknights

  • The Mistake: Farming Originite Prime using rock shards in the base, leading to inefficient resource generation.
  • Why It Matters: This method offers poor sanity to Originite Prime conversion. For free-to-play players, this can drastically slow progress.
  • Tip: Ensure your base operations are as efficient as possible. Avoid farming Originite Prime using rocks.

3. Misunderstanding Vanguard Importance

Texas Vanguard Operator Arknights

  • The Mistake: Overlooking the crucial role of vanguards due to the perception that 6-star operators were too costly to deploy.
  • Why It Matters: Vanguards are essential for efficient deployment, ensuring a consistent flow of Leader Points (LP).
  • Tip: Dive into guides or ask the community to grasp the nuances of each operator type. Knowledge will improve your strategy.

4. Resource Misallocation During Contingency Contract (CC)

Resource Mismanagement Contingency Contract Arknights

  • The Mistake: Upgrading a rarely-used skill to M3 just for the sake of showcasing during a CC event.
  • Why It Matters: Resources are precious. Misallocating them, especially for temporary bragging rights, can slow your progress.
  • Tip: Always prioritize essential operators and skills. Flexing is fun, but not at the cost of long-term progress.

5. The Race to Level 120

Reaching Level 120 Arknights

  • The Mistake: Excessive refreshing to reach level 120 quickly, often achieved by significant real-money spending.
  • Why It Matters: In the grand scheme, levels are just numbers. The true value of Arknights lies in strategy and team building.
  • Tip: Play at your own pace. The game is a marathon, not a sprint.

6. Banner Misjudgments

Exclusive Banner Arknights

  • The Mistake: Not understanding the implications of a limited banner and impulsively spending resources.
  • Why It Matters: Limited banners are rare opportunities. Misjudging them can lead to a lot of regret.
  • Tip: Stay informed about upcoming events and banners. Plan your pulls and resource allocation accordingly.

7. Impulsive Skin Purchases

Outfit Store Arknights

  • The Mistake: Buying skins for operators you don't currently own.
  • Why It Matters: This can induce a psychological pressure to obtain the operator, potentially leading to bad spending decisions.
  • Tip: While skins are appealing, prioritize your resources. If you're in love with a skin, save up and strategize your pulls to get that operator.

8. Sanity Mismanagement

Sanity Mismanagement Arknights

  • The Mistake: Letting sanity pile up in the early game and not understanding the value of consistent farming.
  • Why It Matters: Sanity is a vital resource for progression. Mismanaging it can slow down your game growth.
  • Tip: Regularly spend your sanity and ensure it doesn't cap. If you're unsure where to spend it, community guides can offer some direction.

Closing Thoughts

Mistakes in Arknights, or any game, are inevitable.

They're part of the learning curve.

However, by sharing and understanding these common pitfalls, players can avoid these mistakes and enjoy a smoother gaming journey.

Remember, it's all about learning, adapting, and most importantly, having fun!