How to Optimize Your OP in Arknights: A Guide for F2P Players

Understanding how to spend your Original Prime (OP) can make or break your game. This guide goes into the best ways to use this premium currency.
Last updated:
October 6, 2023

Arknights remains a giant in the gacha gaming scene, especially in Asia.

Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, understanding how to spend your Originite Prime (OP) can make or break your game.

This guide goes into the best ways to use this premium currency.

How to Optimize Your OP in Arknights: A Guide for Free-to-Play Players

What Is OP and Why Is It Crucial?

Originite Prime in Originium Store Arknights

The Nature of OP

  • Definition: Originite Prime (OP) is the premium currency in Arknights.
  • Real Money & In-Game Resources: OP bridges real-world money and in-game assets. However, the flow is one-sided; you can't convert in-game resources back into OP.

Spending OP: A Multifaceted Approach

Gacha Rolls

  • Orundum: The primary in-game resource for gacha rolls.
  • Conversion: 1 OP can be converted into 180 Orundum.
  • Cost: Each pull costs roughly $1.62 or 3-4 OP.

Skins: Aesthetic Upgrades

Types of Skins:

  • Basic skins (15 OP)
  • Skins with unique animations (18 OP)
  • Skins with animations and special live 2D artwork (21 OP)
  • Future skins may cost up to 24 OP

Sanity Refreshes

How to Earn OP

Real Money

  • Premium Currency: OP can be purchased with real money.

Clearing Stages

First Clear Rewards Arknights

  • Story Mode: 1 OP per 3-star clear and an additional OP for challenge mode clears.
  • Event Stages: Similar rewards to story mode.

Maintenance Compensation

  • Rare Occurrences: Sometimes, maintenance may yield OP as compensation.

Optimal Spending Strategies for F2P Players

Why Skins Should be Your Top Priority

Outfit Store Arknights
Unique Offer

Skins are unique cosmetic items that you can only purchase with OP.

Unlike gacha rolls, there's no alternative currency for them.

Emotional Value

Skins offer a personal connection to your characters, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

A well-chosen skin can make gameplay more enjoyable.

Limited Availability

Some skins are event-exclusive or time-limited, making them rare commodities.

If you miss out, you might have to wait a long time for a rerun.

Gacha Rolls: The Risky Business

Gacha Banner Arknights
High Costs

Spending OP on rolls is not only expensive but also doesn't guarantee the characters you want.

With each pull costing 3-4 OP, it's easy to empty your OP reserves fast.

Alternative Resources

Orundum, the main resource for gacha rolls, can be earned through gameplay.

Weekly missions, event participation, and daily tasks can build up a substantial Orundum stash.

Discipline Pays Off

Be selective about the banners you pull from.

Avoid rage pulling and random pulls on every banner.

Stick to the ones featuring characters that will genuinely benefit your lineup.

Sanity Refreshes: A Double-Edged Sword

Sanity Refresh Arknights
Immediate Gains

Sanity refreshes can speed up your progress, allowing you to farm more materials and level up your characters faster.

Long-Term Loss

However, the game rewards strategic play.

Rushing through can often mean you miss out on learning valuable strategies, which can be more beneficial than a strong character roster.

No Competitive Pressure

Arknights is not PvP; it’s a single-player experience where understanding strategy is better than progression speed.

There's no need to rush your progress to compete with other players.

Summing Up: The F2P Game Plan

  1. First, save your OP for skins. They're the only items you can't get through other means and offer personal satisfaction.
  2. Second, be disciplined with gacha rolls. Use Orundum earned through gameplay for this and keep your OP for more critical needs.
  3. Finally, avoid sanity refreshes. They offer short-term gains but can break your strategic long-term growth in the game.

Your OP is a valuable asset.

Treat it as such, and you'll find that you can have a rich Arknights experience without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

Arknights isn't a sprint; it's a marathon.

Your OP should be spent wisely, prioritizing long-term benefits over short-term gains.

As a F2P player, focusing on skins is the way to go. Play smart, manage your resources, and let strategy be your guide.