Choosing Your First Elite 2 Operator in Arknights

Which operator should you prioritize when you start? This guide will help you make informed decisions for a better Arknights experience.‍
Last updated:
September 27, 2023

Navigating the world of Arknights, especially for new players, can be a daunting task.

Which operator should you prioritize?

Who delivers the most bang for your buck?

Don't worry! This comprehensive guide will help you with these questions and more, helping you make informed decisions for a better Arknights experience.

Choosing Your First Elite 2 Operator in Arknights

Understanding the Importance of Elite 2 (E2)

Estelle Max Promoted Arknights

  • The Need for E2: Achieving your first E2 is pivotal. It unlocks the ability to borrow high-leveled support units from other players. These already-leveled operators can significantly ease the early game pressure.
  • Tip: Aim to achieve E2 as quickly as possible. This will accelerate your game progression and give you access to a broader range of support units.

Why Opt for Cheaper Operators First?

Arene Banner Pull Arknights

  • Cost Efficiency: Going for 4-star operators initially is more resource-efficient than 6-stars. They require less XP and LMD (the in-game currency) to level up, enabling faster progression.
  • Myth Busted: Contrary to some perceptions, lower-star operators aren't necessarily weaker. They might lack the flair of 6-stars, but they are competent and can effectively carry you through many game stages.
  • Tip: Begin with 4-star operators. Avoid 1-star, 2-star and 3-star operators as they don't offer true promotions, potentially slowing your progression.

Top Recommendations for Your First E2

Priority lies in damage dealers. They form the core of your team, ensuring you clear stages efficiently.

Guards & Snipers: These operators strike hard and fast, fulfilling most of your early game damage needs. Some top picks include:

Meteor Operator Info Arknights

  • Estelle: Hits multiple enemies and self-heals.
  • Arene: Large range, can hit both physical and arts damage + deals extra damage to drones.
  • Cutter: Dual hits with powerful skill multipliers.
  • Meteor, Jessica, May, Pinecone: All excel in drone targeting, with individual abilities like defense reduction (Meteor), high damage output (Jessica), enemy slowing (May), and concentrated damage (Pinecone).

Casters: Another class dealing significant damage, especially when dealing with armored foes. Top choices include:

  • Click: Double damage potential and a chance to stun.
  • Indigo: A mystic caster with high attack stats, she stores hits to release massive damage.
  • Pudding: As a chain caster, she can target multiple enemies simultaneously.

Other Classes: If snipers and casters aren't your preferred choices, consider:

Vigna Operator Info Arknights

  • Vanguard: Vigna offers fantastic damage output.
  • Specialists: Ethan, with his true AoE, can handle waves of enemies effectively. He can also bind enemies.
  • Defenders: Dur-nar, a damage-oriented defender, can multi-hit enemies.
  • Supporters: Podenco, though not the highest damage dealer, offers a fast AoE arts damage skill.

Recommended 5-Star Operators

Blue Poison Operator Info Arknights

They have a higher cost to raise them than 4-star operators, but your best 5-star picks include (in no order):

Guards: Ayerscarpe, La Pluma, Specter, Lappland or Bibeak.

Snipers: Blue Poison and GreyThroat Platinum

Other Classes: RockRock, Glaucus, Istina, Kjera, Amiya, Absinthe, Minimalist, Projekt Red, Asbestos and Kazemaru.

Considering 6-Star Operators

Ch'en Elite 2 Promotion Arknights

While 6-star operators undoubtedly come with immense power, they are resource-heavy.

However, if you're set on one, several 6-stars can assist even at E2, including Exusiai, Pallas, Schwarz, Ch'en, Pozëmka, Archetto, Irene, Mountain, Blaze, Skadi, and more.

The choice ultimately boils down to personal preference.

Final Thoughts

The journey through Arknights is as much about strategy as it is about personal choices.

While guides and tier lists offer direction, it's essential to remember that no operator is genuinely "useless."

The game's charm lies in experimentation and finding what works best for you.

So, whether you're following this guide to the letter or following your own path, enjoy the process.

After all, Arknights is a game, and games are meant for fun!