Danjin 4 star Resonator
Last updated:
July 4, 2024

Danjin Overview

In Wuthering Waves, Danjin is a 4-Stars Havoc character and uses Sword during the fight.

A ranger of unwavering integrity, she possesses a resolute moral compass.
Her travels across the lands serve as a constant pursuit to deepen her understanding of the essence of good and evil.
Despite the lurking perils that lie in every corner of her path, she solemnly swears to purge the world of villainy.

Danjin Review

Danjin is a 4-Star Havoc character in Wuthering Waves.

High damage, low survivability. Among 4-star characters, Danjin has the highest overall damage output. The Resonance Chain benefits are the highest among 4-star characters.

With a smooth-damage output flow, a high Resonance Chain Danjin has damage close to or even surpassing low Resonance Chain 5-star characters. Danjin has the shortest attack animation lock in the entire game. In a single damage output cycle, Resonance Skill damage and Heavy Attack account for approximately 45% and 42% respectively.

Danjin’s unique feature is that using Resonance Skill accumulates Forte Circuit Energy even if it doesn’t hit the enemy, thus in actual combat, the proportion of Heavy Attack damage will be higher.


  • Danjin has very high single-target damage, close to or even surpassing low Resonance Chain 5-star characters.
  • Danjin’s frequent, short animation-lock attacks make its operation extremely smooth.


  • Danjin consumes its own HP when using Resonance Skill, down to 1%, so without a shield, Danjin must be one-shot.
  • Although Danjin is not difficult to use, extreme caution is required in actual combat. A slight mistake can lead to death, and healing is meaningless for Danjin, resulting in a Simplicity score of only 1. Additionally, Danjin’s overly smooth output makes the damage boost from teammates less noticeable.

Danjin Active Skills

Basic Attack

Basic Attack
Danjin performs up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Heavy Attack
Danjin combines her Forte with the blade in her hand and consumes Stamina to launch consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Mid-air Attack
Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter
Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to launch an attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter: Ruby Shades
After a successful Dodge Counter, Danjin can use the Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment to perform Resonance Skill: Crimson Erosion.

Crimson Fragment
Resonance Skill

When casting Incinerating Will, each attack consumes 3% of Danjin’s max HP. When Danjin’s HP is less than 1%, this no longer consumes HP.

Carmine Gleam
Danjin attacks the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Crimson Erosion
After Basic Attack 2, Dodge Counter or Intro Skill Vindication, use Resonance Skill to perform up to 2 consecutive strikes, dealing Havoc DMG.
When Crimson Erosion II hits a target, apply Incinerating Will to it.

Incinerating Will
Danjin’s damage dealt to targets marked with Incinerating Will is increased by 20%.

Sanguine Pulse
Use Resonance Skill after Basic Attack 3 to perform up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Crimson Bloom
Resonance Liberation

Danjin’s anger intensifies as she frantically swings her dual blades, performing multiple rapid consecutive attacks, and 1 Scarlet Burst attack(s), dealing Havoc DMG.

Serene Vigil Forte Circuit

Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave
After accumulating 60 ‘Ruby Blossom’, long press Basic Attack to consume all ‘Ruby Blossom’ to cast Chaoscleave, dealing Havoc DMG considered as Heavy Attack damage, and restore HP for Danjin.
If current ‘Ruby Blossom’ reaches over 120, this skill consumes 120 ‘Ruby Blossom’ to increase the damage multiplier of Chaoscleave and Scatterbloom performed this time.

Heavy Attack: Scatterbloom
Use Basic Attack after Heavy Attack Chaoscleave to cast Shatter to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage.

Ruby Blossom
Danjin obtains ‘Ruby Blossom’ when using Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment.

Danjin Passive Skills

Crimson Light
Inherent Skill

Damage of Resonance Skill Crimson Erosion triggered by Dodge Counter: Ruby Shades is increased by 20%. The HP cost and stacks of 'Ruby Blossom' recovered are doubled.

Inherent Skill

After casting the Resonance Skill Sanguine Pulse, Danjin's Heavy Attack damage is increased by 30% for 5s.

Danjin Switch Skills

Intro Skill

With unwavering determination, Danjin unleashes a strike, dealing Havoc DMG.

Outro Skill

The next character (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) gains 23% Havoc DMG Deepen for 14s or until they are switched off field.

Danjin Stat Bonus

Danjin Stat Bonus 1 :

Havoc DMG Bonus increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Danjin Stat Bonus 2 :

ATK increased by 12%.

*All Bonus unlocked value

Danjin Resonance Chain

Crimson Heart of Justice
Sequence 1

When Danjin attacks a target with Resonance Skill's Incinerating Will, her ATK is increased by 5% for 6s, stacking up to 6 times. Danjin loses 1 stacks of this effect each time she takes damage.

Dusted Mirror
Sequence 2

When Danjin attacks a target with Resonance Skill's Incinerating Will, her damage dealt is increased by 20%.

Fleeting Blossom
Sequence 3

Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus is increased by 30%.

Solitary Carnation
Sequence 4

When Danjin has more than 60 'Ruby Blossom', her Crit. Rate is increased by 15%.This effect lasts until the end of Heavy Attack: Scatterbloom even after all 'Ruby Blossom' is consumed when casting Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave.

Reigning Blade
Sequence 5

Danjin's Havoc DMG Bonus is increased by 15%, and further increased by another 15% when her HP is lower than 60%.

Bloodied Jade
Sequence 6

Heavy Attack Chaoscleave increases the ATK of all team members by 20% for 20s.