Wuthering Waves Gacha System Breakdown from CBT2

Wuthering Waves Gacha System Breakdown from CBT2
Last updated:
April 17, 2024

Wuthering Waves has made significant changes while refining its gacha system for Closed Beta Test 2 (CBT2), addressing feedback from earlier tests and introducing a series of player-centric updates.

With the gacha system now accordingly renamed Convene, let's dive into the specifics of these changes, highlighting how they enhance the player experience and what this means for the future of character and weapon acquisition in the game.

Let's jump right in!

Wuthering Waves Gacha System Breakdown - Everything You Need To Know

A Refreshed Banner System

in game event jiyan banner in wuthering waves

Novice Banner

A beginner-friendly option offering discounts on multi-summons.

This banner is designed to give newcomers a strong start, guaranteeing a five-star character (or Resonator) within 50 pulls (40 with the 20% discount), significantly helping in early game progression.

Limited Five-Star Character Banner

Features rate-up characters, offering increased chances to summon specific, often highly sought-after characters during the banner's duration.

This banner is key if you're targeting specific additions to your roster like Jiyan, the first limited 5-star Resonator.

Limited Weapon Banner

Focuses on specific weapons, with a 100% guarantee to drop the featured weapon at hard pity, eliminating the uncertainty and frustration of weapon summoning present in many gacha games like Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail.

Standard Banner

Includes a wide range of non-limited characters and weapons, offering a chance to pull from a broad pool when no limited banners are appealing or available.

The standard weapon banner allows you to pick your desired weapon choice when pulling.

Pull Rates and Pity System

in game statistics drop rate details in wuthering waves

Understanding Pull Rates

The updated gacha system in Wuthering Waves presents a detailed framework for pull rates, establishing clear expectations for summoning:

Five-Star Characters: The chance to pull a five-star character is set at 0.8% (1.8% when including guarantee), a figure that stands in line with industry standards but is complemented by a more player-friendly pity system.

Four-Star Characters and Weapons: A 6% chance to pull four-star weapon/Resonator ensures that you regularly receive valuable assets to enhance your gameplay, with a guarantee of a four-star weapon/Resonator every ten pulls.

Three-Star Weapons: The bulk of pulls will give three-star weapons at a 93.2% rate, serving as the foundational layer of the summoning pyramid and a source for various in-game resources.

The Pity System Explained

Wuthering Waves introduces a hard pity at 80 pulls for five-star characters, which is an improvement from the 90 pull pity from CBT1.

Soft Pity Anticipation: While not explicitly detailed in CBT2, the potential for a soft pity mechanism, speculated to begin increasing rates around 64 to 66 pulls, introduces an element of strategy. You can potentially secure high-value characters slightly earlier than the hard pity mark, and you should focus on strategic pulls around this threshold.

Navigating the 50/50 Mechanic

Despite the improved rates and pity system, the 50/50 mechanic remains for limited Resonators.

This system, while introducing an element of risk, is balanced by the reduced number of pulls required to reach pity from CBT1.

The ability to purchase character duplicates directly from the store mitigates some of the risks associated with the 50/50 mechanic, providing a fallback to enhance your characters even if luck doesn't favor your when pulling.

Currency System for Summoning

in game item exchange currency in wuthering waves

Core Summoning Currencies Explained

At the heart of the Convene system is Astrite, similar to a universal currency that you accumulate through gameplay.

Astrite serves as the primary resource from which you must convert into banner-specific currencies for pulling. The conversion rate is 160 Astrites for a Tide (1,600 for a 10-pull).

These include:

  • Radiant Tides for limited five-star character banners.
  • Forging Tides for limited weapon banners.
  • Lustrous Tides for the novice (beginner) banner and standard character and weapon banners.

This separation reduces the likelihood of resource waste on unintended banners, providing a more satisfying pulling experience.

Pulling Currency

When pulling on any banner, you will get Afterglow and Oscillate Corals that you can exchange for amazing tides and character dupes on the shop:

  • 5-star Weapon gives 15 Afterglow Coral
  • 4-star Weapon gives 3 Afterglow Coral
  • 5-star Character dupe gives 15 Afterglow coral, and after the character is maxed, it gives 40 Afterglow Coral
  • 4-star Character dupe gives 3 Afterglow Coral, and after the character is maxed, it gives 8 Afterglow Coral.
  • 3-star Weapon gives 15 Oscillate Coral

Revolutionary Features in the Gacha System

in game weapon event banner in wuthering waves

Guaranteed Weapon Acquisition

One of the most notable innovations is the guaranteed weapon on the limited weapon banner after 80 pulls.

This feature addresses a common source of frustration in many gacha games by removing the uncertainty when pulling for a featured weapon.

Direct Dupes Purchase

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of the Convene system is the ability to directly purchase duplicates (dupes) of characters using a special currency earned through summoning, known as Afterglow Corals.

This feature basically changes the dynamic of character progression and customization in Wuthering Waves.

By allowing the purchase of up to two copies of any character from the shop, including limited-time characters, Wuthering Waves helps us strengthening our favorite characters.

Deciding whether to save for a specific dupe or spend on new summons adds a layer of depth to the pulling strategy, rewarding planning and patience.

The Oscillate Coral Shop Mechanics

The shop offers the chance to purchase rolls for summoning at a 46% discount on the standard cost.

You are limited to buy six of each type of tide per month, using Oscillate Coral as the currency.

Impact of Dupes

Wavebands in Wuthering Waves act as character upgrades obtained each time you acquire a duplicate of a character you already own.

These upgrades can unlock new abilities, enhance existing ones, or provide various buffs that improve a character's performance in combat.

Non-Mandatory for Progression

Importantly, Wavebands are designed to be non-essential for game progression.

You can complete the game and participate in all activities without needing to get Wavebands, ensuring that the game remains accessible to everyone, regardless of your luck or investment in the gacha system.

Farming Currency and Free-to-Play Viability

in game daily login event in wuthering waves

Daily and Weekly Tasks

Regular completion of daily and weekly tasks provides a steady stream of Astrite, the primary currency for pulling.

These tasks are designed to be accessible to all, ensuring that even F2P players have consistent access to summoning resources.

Event Participation

Wuthering Waves frequently hosts events that offer generous rewards, including exclusive pulling currency.

Participation in these events is key to farming significant amounts of Astrite and Tides, allowing to save for future pulls.

Exploration and Achievements

The game's expansive world and detailed achievement system reward exploration and milestone completion with pulling currency.

If you invest time in uncovering the game's secrets and completing challenges, you can expect to boost your stash significantly.

Final Thoughts

While the gacha system in Wuthering Waves shares similarities with other games like Genshin Impact, its structure—especially the 100% guaranteed limited weapon at pity and the character dupe shop for limited units—shows promise for both paying and F2P players.

The system's transparency and the mechanisms for earning pulls through gameplay aims to make the gacha experience enjoyable without the need to invest a huge amount of money.