The 5 Best Characters in Wuthering Waves

The 5 Best Characters in Wuthering Waves | GachaGuru
Last updated:
April 10, 2024

As the anticipation builds for the official release of Wuthering Waves, an upcoming cross-platform open-world action RPG, many are eager to dive into its universe.

With the close beta period providing tons of insights, it's the perfect time to focus on the game's rich cast and the mechanics that will define your journey.

This guide is designed to highlight the five best characters you should keep an eye on to ensure a strong start.

Top Tier Characters in Wuthering Waves

Character Selection Strategy

in game event banner in wuthering waves

This guide is not merely about the strongest characters but aims to identify those who will be most beneficial across the game.

While the game's mechanics are still being explored, the characters listed have been selected for their potential to offer practical solutions and support to players, especially in the early stages.

Understanding Game Mechanics

Before selecting your characters, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of Wuthering Waves.

The game’s mechanics revolve around combat, exploration, and character progression.

Understanding how each character interacts with these elements can significantly impact your strategy.

For example, characters with abilities that offer mobility can be invaluable for exploration, while those with area-of-effect (AoE) damage can excel in combat scenarios involving multiple enemies.

Balancing Your Team Composition

A balanced team is key to tackling the varied challenges Wuthering Waves presents.

Consider assembling a squad that includes:

  • A Solid Frontliner: A character capable of sustaining damage and protecting more vulnerable team members. This role is crucial for absorbing damage during encounters.
  • DPS (Damage Per Second) Units: Characters focused on dealing damage. Having a mix of single-target DPS for boss fights and AoE DPS for clearing waves of enemies can be beneficial.
  • Supportive Characters: Characters who can heal, buff, or provide utility to the team. A versatile support that can adapt to different situations adds a layer of resilience to your team.

Evaluating Character Skills and Synergies

When exploring the characters, pay attention to their skills and how they might synergize with others.

For instance, a character that can mark enemies to take increased damage pairs well with high-DPS characters, amplifying the team's overall damage output.

Additionally, consider how characters’ ultimate abilities can complement each other to create powerful combinations during critical moments.

Early Game vs. Late Game Potential

Some characters may be incredibly powerful in the early stages of the game but might not scale as well into the late game.

It’s important to consider the long-term utility of the characters you prioritize.

Characters with scalable abilities or those that remain relevant due to their unique utility should be high on your list.

Characters to Prioritize

in game rover headshot in wuthering waves


Strengths: Rover's unique ability to stop time offers unparalleled utility, allowing for strategic positioning and attack planning that can exploit enemy weaknesses. This skill can be a game-changer in tight situations, providing breathing room or setting up devastating combos.

Strategic Value: Including Rover in your team adds a layer of tactical depth to combat, enabling creative approaches to battles. This ability is not only useful in combat but can also assist in solving puzzles or navigating tricky environmental challenges.

Weaknesses: As a jack-of-all-trades, Rover may not excel in any one area as much as specialized characters. Ensuring that Rover's unique skill is effectively used in team strategy is key to maximizing their potential.

in game baizhi headshot in wuthering waves


Strengths: Baizhi's healing provides a steady source of team sustainability. Her skills ensure that even teams without the luck to pull rare healers can still progress through the game effectively. Her ability to buff attack adds an extra layer of utility, enhancing the team's damage output.

Strategic Value: Baizhi's accessibility and solid performance make her a valuable team member, especially for new players or those unable to acquire more rare characters. Her healing and buffs provide a stable foundation for any team composition.

Weaknesses: Compared to Verina, Baizhi may offer less in terms of overall power and versatility. Her healing, while reliable, might not be as potent in more challenging scenarios where more specialized abilities are required.

in game danjin headshot in wuthering waves


Strengths: Danjin excels in high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Her ability to trade health for damage makes her a powerhouse, especially in situations where aggressive play is rewarded. Her unique skill set allows for sustained combat presence, making her invaluable for long battles.

Strategic Value: Incorporating Danjin into your lineup offers the potential for significant damage output. Her style is particularly effective against bosses or when quick enemy clearance is needed. Pairing her with a strong healer like Verina can mitigate her health-trading drawback.

Weaknesses: The very mechanic that makes Danjin powerful also introduces a significant risk. Without proper support, she can be vulnerable, especially in battles where taking damage is inevitable.

in game verina headshot in wuthering waves


Strengths: Verina's main advantage lies in her dual role as a healer and buffer. Her unique ability to heal and apply buffs makes her a critical asset for any team composition. Her ultimate skill not only heals the team but also deals damage to enemies, showcasing her versatility on the battlefield.

Strategic Value: Positioning Verina in your team ensures sustainability, allowing you to tackle more challenging content with confidence. Her healing is complemented by key buffs, making her essential for both offense and defense.

Weaknesses: As with many support characters, Verina's direct damage output might be lower compared to pure DPS units. This means she relies on team synergy to maximize her effectiveness.

in game yinlin headshot in wuthering waves


Strengths: Yinlin's AoE skills make her exceptional at dealing with groups of enemies. Her wide attack range and abilities allow her to control the battlefield, dealing damage to multiple targets simultaneously. This makes her particularly effective in clearing waves of enemies or in situations where crowd control is essential.

Strategic Value: Yinlin can significantly reduce the time and resources needed to progress through levels with multiple enemies. Pairing her with characters that can focus on single targets allows for a balanced approach to various combat scenarios.

Weaknesses: While powerful in AoE situations, Yinlin might face challenges against single, high-health targets where focused damage is more beneficial. Balancing her AoE strengths with single-target DPS characters can help mitigate this.