Ultimate Tower of God New World Tier List and Reroll Guide‍

Ultimate Tower of God New World Tier List and Reroll Guide‍
Last updated:
February 8, 2024

Embarking on the journey through Tower of God: New World presents you with a variety of characters, each with their unique abilities and roles within the game's ecosystem.

From the high-tier dominators to the niche specialists, understanding the strengths and potential of each character is crucial for a winning strategy.

Combined with an effective reroll guide, you can maximize your chances of acquiring powerful units from the get-go, setting a solid foundation for success.

This guide dives into a comprehensive tier list, while providing insights into optimizing your initial character selection through rerolling.

Tier List and Reroll Guide for Tower of God: New World (2024)

Streamlining Your Reroll Strategy

in game banner first summon in tower of god new world

Quick Start to Rerolling

The journey to your first reroll is swift, requiring you to advance to stage 1-4, which typically takes about 10-15 minutes of gameplay.

This early investment of time prepares you for the summoning phase, where the real magic happens.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Reroll Process

Game Mode Awareness

Initially, ensure you're in the correct game mode.

Landscape mode may introduce bugs during the reroll process, needing a temporary switch to portrait mode until you complete the reroll.

This minor adjustment ensures a smooth experience.

Navigating to Reroll

After reaching stage 1-4, the game opens up the opportunity for your first series of summons.

This is where you'll potentially secure your SSR+ characters.


Your initial summons are critical.

The game generously provides summoning opportunities through tutorial completion, in-game mail, and achievements.

Collect these rewards to maximize your chances of pulling an SSR+ unit.

Targeting the Best Units

Your reroll targets should primarily be SSR+ characters, given their superior stats and abilities.

While SSR characters are valuable, SSR+ units have the potential to be game-changers.

Focus your efforts on banners that offer these elite characters.

Summoning Strategy

First Multi-Summon: You get your first chance at summoning SSR+ characters immediately after completing the tutorial. This summon is crucial and sets the tone for your reroll success.

Collecting Rewards: Don’t overlook the free multi-summons available through the game's mail system and achievements. These additional chances at SSR+ characters are invaluable.

Landscape Mode Return: Once you've completed your reroll efforts, you can switch back to landscape mode, if preferred, for the optimal gaming experience.

in game daily mission rewards in tower of god new world

Resetting for Rerolls

If your summons don’t give the desired results, you can reset your account and start the process over.

This is done through the game settings, where you can find the option to delete your account.

Afterward, you can begin anew, aiming once again for those SSR+ units.

Best Units to Aim For

in game evan character details in tower of god new world

SSR+ Characters: The Elite Few

Evan: The Ultimate Support

Evan stands out not just within the game's lore but also in gameplay mechanics as the best support character.

His ability to heal and provide crucial buffs, including energy boosts, makes him a top-tier choice for any team composition.

Why Aim for Evan

  • Healing and Buffs: Evan’s skills ensure team sustainability, allowing for prolonged engagements and giving you an edge in both PvE and PvP scenarios.
  • Versatility: He fits into any team setup, making him a universally valuable asset regardless of the other units you manage to secure.

Karaka: The Impenetrable Defender

Karaka’s role as a tank is underscored by his abilities to absorb damage and protect his allies.

His unique skills not only mitigate incoming damage but also have the potential to revive fallen allies, making him a top-tier choice on the battlefield.

Why Aim for Karaka

  • Defensive Power: With Karaka in your lineup, your team gains a formidable shield, enhancing your defensive strategies and team durability.
  • Revival Ability: His capability to revive teammates can turn the tide of battle, offering a second chance for a comeback.

DPS Category: The Damage Dealers

While Evan and Karaka shine in their respective support and defensive roles, securing a powerful DPS (Damage Per Second) unit is crucial for balancing your team's offensive capabilities.

DPS Considerations

Character Selection

The game features several SSR+ characters known for their exceptional damage output.

While recent discussions and testing have highlighted a few for their remarkable DPS, preferences may vary based on playstyle and team needs.

Key DPS Units

The current meta and player feedback suggest a couple of SSR+ characters as top picks for the DPS role: Khun Mascheny and Yihwa Yeon.

Their abilities to deal massive damage and their unique combat mechanics make them desirable for any player looking to enhance their offensive strategies.

Tower of God New World Tier List Overview

in game lero ro banner pull in tower of god new world

Our tier list categorizes characters into distinct tiers, ranging from S+ to F, based on their overall impact, versatility, and strategic value in gameplay.

We aimed to incorporate our experiences and hidden gems within the game, acknowledging that character effectiveness can vary based on team composition and individual playstyles.

S+ Tier: Elite Vanguard

in game khun mascheny headshot in tower of god new world

Khun Mascheny

Khun Mascheny is renowned for her exceptional damage output, particularly when her health drops below a critical threshold, activating her pill mechanic.

This ability not only significantly boosts her attack power but also grants her a brief period of invincibility, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks without the risk of immediate defeat.

in game evan headshot in tower of god new world


Evan embodies the ultimate support character, with abilities that extend beyond mere healing.

His unique skill to grant temporary immortality can turn critical battle moments in favor of his team, making him indispensable in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Evan's versatility shines across all game modes, providing a lifeline in the most complicated situations and ensuring team sustainability.

in game yihwa yeon headshot in tower of god new world

Yihwa Yeon

Yihwa Yeon's mastery of fire makes her a dominant force on the battlefield.

Her AoE attacks not only deal substantial damage but also disrupt enemy formations, making her essential for controlling the pace and flow of battle.

Her abilities shine in both clearing waves of enemies in PvE and controlling space in PvP.

in game zahard headshot in tower of god new world


Zahard's adaptability on the battlefield sets him apart.

His ability to switch weapons and combat styles in response to health changes, combined with brief moments of invincibility, allows him to sustain in fights longer than most.

His evasion and magic resistance skills further enhance his survivability, making him a top-tier unit capable of dishing out significant damage while being tough to take down.

S Tier: Strategic Powerhouses

in game bam headshot in tower of god new world


Bam stands out for his unique role as an energy provider, crucial for teams that rely on skill rotations for maximum effectiveness.

His crowd-control effects further augment his utility, making him an essential component of any strategy focused on sustained engagements and control.

in game evankhell headshot in tower of god new world


Evankhell wields the power of fire to unleash devastating AoE attacks, capable of scorching multiple enemies at once.

Her proficiency in controlling the battlefield with flames makes her a critical asset, especially effective against Green elements, although less so against Blue due to elemental disadvantages.

in game hwaryun headshot in tower of god new world


Hwaryun offers unparalleled tactical support, with abilities that enhance ally performance while simultaneously debuffing enemies.

Her strategic power lies in her ability to influence the battlefield beyond direct combat, making her an indispensable asset for any team composition.

in game xia xia headshot in tower of god new world

Xia Xia

Xia Xia provides a versatile support role, capable of healing, shielding, and even controlling the crowd with an AP buff for Red allies.

Her comprehensive skill set makes her a jack-of-all-trades in support, catering to the team's needs as situations evolve.

in game khun kiseia headshot in tower of god new world

Khun Kiseia

Khun Kiseia's role as an assassin allows her to deliver lethal strikes to key targets, embodying the essence of precision and deadly efficiency.

Her ability to navigate the battlefield and eliminate high-value targets quickly makes her a formidable threat in any engagement.

in game khatz headshot in tower of god new world


Hatz excels as a warrior, capable of delivering sustained damage to enemies.

His power in melee combat, combined with strategic skills that boost his agility, makes him a formidable unit who can adapt to the needs of battle swiftly.

in game rachel headshot in tower of god new world


Rachel's mastery of magic allows her to deal significant damage while also offering crowd control capabilities.

Her high survivability, coupled with the ability to stun and knock back enemies, positions her as a powerful mage with the added benefit of controlling enemy positions.

A Tier: Versatile Champions

in game khun mascheny (lightning spear headshot in tower of god new world

Khun Mascheny (Lightning Spear)

A variant of Khun Mascheny, this character brings a lethal combination of speed and piercing damage to the battlefield.

Her Lightning Spear attacks are designed for quick, decisive strikes that can break through enemy defenses.

in game karaka headshot in tower of god new world


Steel Armored Karaka stands as a top-tier tank unit, offering unmatched defensive capabilities.

His skill set revolves around protection and resilience, featuring abilities that not only reduce incoming damage but also have the potential to revive fallen allies.

in game viole headshot in tower of god new world


Viole harnesses the power of the Thorn to deliver devastating ranged attacks.

His abilities allow him to contribute significant damage from a distance, making him a constant threat to opponents across the battlefield.

in game hansung yu headshot in tower of god new world

Hansung Yu

Hansung Yu, with his Deep-Sea Fish abilities, serves as a mage capable of unleashing powerful AoE attacks and debilitating debuffs on his enemies.

His control over the battlefield through magical attacks makes him a valuable asset in team fights.

in game lero ro headshot in tower of god new world

Lero Ro

As a Tactician, Lero Ro excels in manipulating the battlefield to his team's advantage.

His skills boost ally damage and apply debuffs to enemies, making him a critical strategic asset in any team composition.

in game endorsi headshot in tower of god new world


Endorsi combines agility with lethal force, making her a formidable assassin.

Her unique skills allow her to navigate the battlefield with ease, targeting key opponents and dealing significant damage.

B Tier: Specialized Operators

in game anaak headshot in tower of god new world


Anaak wields the Green April with agility and finesse, delivering swift strikes that can target multiple foes.

Her combat style allows for quick engagements and disengagements, making her a mobile threat on the battlefield.

in game miseong yeo headshot in tower of god new world

Miseng Yeo

Miseng Yeo brings a blend of support and offensive capabilities to the battlefield.

Her ability to buff allies and control enemies with strategic debuffs allows her to subtly influence the flow of combat, enhancing her team's overall effectiveness.

in game quaetro headshot in tower of god new world


Quaetro's mastery of fire makes him a threat to multiple enemies at once, with AoE attacks that can set the battlefield ablaze.

His focus on damage over time and area control makes him particularly effective in situations where enemies are assembled together.

in game rak headshot in tower of god new world


Rak, with his imposing presence and defensive capabilities, acts as a formidable frontline protector.

His skill set focuses on tanking damage and providing utility through crowd control and area denial, making him a top guardian for his teammates.

in game blarode headshot in tower of god new world


Blarode's unique vision grants him insight into enemy weaknesses, allowing him to exploit these vulnerabilities with precision.

His tactical approach to combat, focusing on critical strikes and debuffs, makes him a valuable asset in weakening foes for his allies to finish off.

in game edin dan headshot in tower of god new world

Edin Dan

Edin Dan's unparalleled speed and agility enable him to maneuver around the battlefield with ease, dodging attacks and striking swiftly.

His role as a harasser allows him to disrupt enemy lines and target backline threats effectively.

C Tier: Niche Specialists

in game michael headshot in tower of god new world


Michael specializes in healing and support, providing a lifeline to teammates in prolonged engagements.

While his healing output may not rival top-tier supports, his consistent ability to sustain a team's health over time can be crucial in drawn-out battles or when navigating through challenging PvE content.

in game lurker kim headshot in tower of god new world

Lurker Kim

Lurker Kim offers a unique blend of tactical debuffs and crowd control, capable of undermining enemy strategies and weakening their offensive capabilities.

His niche lies in disrupting enemy formations and creating openings for allies to exploit, making him a potential game-changer in the right hands.

in game gyetang headshot in tower of god new world


Gyetang, with his ranged power, excels in dealing damage from a distance.

While his overall impact might be less than more versatile damage dealers, his ability to chip away at enemy health safely can be beneficial in scenarios where keeping distance is key to survival or strategy.

D Tier: The Hidden Gems

in game leeron 3 headshot in tower of god new world

Leeron 3

Leeron 3 brings to the table a straightforward approach to physical combat.

His slugger style suggests a focus on delivering powerful blows, potentially coupled with stun or knockback effects to disrupt enemy formations.

in game tin headshot in tower of god new world


Tin hints at a capability for wide-arc attacks, potentially dealing damage to multiple enemies in a single swing.

His attacks come with crowd control effects like knockbacks, making him useful in controlling space on the battlefield.

F Tier: The Underestimated

in game goseng yeo headshot in tower of god new world

Goseng Yeo

Goseng Yeo's appearance might not scream battle-ready, but she can offer buffs, healing, and unique utility skills that can quietly turn the tide of battle.

Final Thoughts

Securing a strong start in Tower of God New World significantly enhances your gameplay experience.

By following this reroll guide and aiming for the top-tier SSR+ units, you'll position yourself advantageously for the challenges ahead.

Remember, patience and persistence are key to rerolling successfully. Happy summoning!