Farewell to takt op Symphony: Another Gacha Game Shuts Down

Farewell to takt op Symphony: Another Gacha Game Shuts Down
Last updated:
February 9, 2024

Takt op Symphony is Ending its Service on April 9th 2024

Takt op Symphony Character Wallpaper

The End of an Era for Bandai Namco's Musical RPG

Bandai Namco, together with mobile gaming giant DeNA, announced the EoS of their melodious adventure, takt op Symphony.

Launched in June 2023, this gacha RPG combined music with fantasy to create a unique gaming experience.

However, before even celebrating its first birthday, the game will officially cease operations on April 9, 2024.

Behind the Curtain: Why takt op Symphony Is Shutting Down

The decision to sunset the game comes as part of a shift in the companies' business development strategies.

Despite the official reason being "business development adjustments", the community suspects other factors at play.

Discussions on Reddit revealed concerns over repetitive gameplay, technical glitches, and a UI that didn't have enough QoL adjustments.

Their revenue numbers were one of the worst in the gacha gaming industry, which might been another factor for its definitive shut down.

Yet, amidst the critique, there's a unanimous agreement on the game's captivating art and innovative character designs, proving that takt op Symphony struck a chord with its audience.

The Heartbeat of the Game: Its Unique Concept and Design

Takt op Symphony In-Game Combat

At its core, takt op Symphony presented a world where music is both a weapon and a curse.

You were stepped into the shoes of a Conductor, leading a band of Musicarts in a battle against the music-hating D2 monsters.

The game was praised for its characters and its animation quality, reminiscent of the popular Fate/Grand Order series.

For those still wanting to try it, there's still a brief opportunity to experience the game before the EoS.

A Final Note: Exploring takt op Symphony Before the Curtains Close

For enthusiasts of RPGs and those drawn to the fusion of music and gaming, takt op Symphony offers a distinct experience.

Though its journey is ending sooner than expected, it leaves behind a legacy of creativity and innovation.

If you're curious and wish to dive into its musical battles, now is your chance to download it from the app stores and try it firsthand.