Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Blue Lock Project World Champion

Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Blue Lock Project World Champion
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

Rerolling in "Blue Lock Project World Champion" is a crucial strategy for players aiming to start with a strong lineup.

This guide will walk you through the process of rerolling, highlight the best banners to summon from, and offer tips on maximizing your reroll efforts for the best possible start.

Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Blue Lock Project World Champion

What is Rerolling?

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Understanding Rerolling

Rerolling involves restarting a game multiple times to take advantage of initial resources that are provided to new players, such as free currency or summoning tickets.

The primary goal is to use these initial resources to obtain high-tier or specific characters that can give players a significant advantage early in the game.

Rerolling is particularly prevalent in games that feature a gacha system— a lottery-like mechanic used to obtain random virtual items or characters.

The randomness of gacha pulls can make it difficult for players to get the characters they want, prompting them to reroll.

The Benefits of Rerolling

Starting with one or more top-tier characters can drastically alter a player's progress and success in the game.

These characters often have powerful abilities that can simplify early game challenges and provide an edge in competitive modes.

By securing strong characters through rerolls, players can potentially save resources that might otherwise be spent trying to obtain these characters through regular play or additional summons, which often require premium currency.

Playing with preferred or powerful characters from the start can make the game more enjoyable.

It also allows players to tackle more challenging content sooner, keeping the gameplay experience engaging and rewarding.

Initial Steps for Effective Rerolling

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Prepare Your Game Environment

Ensure a clean installation of the game.

If you've played before and are looking to reroll, it may be necessary to uninstall and then reinstall the game to clear all residual data.

Do not link your game account to any social media or Google accounts until you are satisfied with your rerolls.

Linking your account can sometimes save your progress permanently, which complicates the rerolling process.

Quick Access to Summoning

Skip the Tutorial

If the game provides the option, skip the tutorial to save time.

Getting directly to the summoning screen is crucial for efficient rerolling.

Claim Starter Rewards

Immediately after starting, head to your mailbox or rewards section to claim any pre-registration bonuses, starter packs, or event rewards.

These usually include the currency and summon tickets needed for your initial pulls.

Identifying the Best Banners for Summoning

in game beginner support scout banner in blue lock pwc

Understanding which banners are most worthwhile is key to effective rerolling.

Here are some tips on identifying the best banners:

Focus on High Drop-Rate Banners

  • Beginner Support Scout: This banner is particularly appealing as it offers a 150% increased drop rate for three-star players, making it an excellent choice for your initial summons.
  • Special Featured Player Scout: Includes characters like Nagi and Mikage and offers additional free summons, making it a valuable option for targeting specific high-tier characters.

Use Free Multi-Summons

Take advantage of any banners that offer free multi-summons.

These are valuable as they do not require the use of your saved gems or tickets.

Ideal Units to Target

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Isagi, Rin, Raichi, Tsurugi

These characters are the best units of the game.

They offer unmatched power and versatility, making them top picks for any team.

Aim to secure at least one of these characters through rerolling.

They can significantly boost your team's performance across all aspects of the game.

Nagi, Shido, Bachira, Mikage, Karasu

These characters are excellent at complementing your team’s lineup.

Each has unique abilities that can counter specific challenges or weaknesses in your party.

While not as critical, these characters are still worth aiming for if you have the opportunity.

They can fill roles and gaps left by your main hitters and are valuable in diverse game scenarios.

Gagamaru, Barou, Chigiri, Hiyori

These characters shine in the early stages of the game.

They are useful for players who are building their rosters but tend to fall off as you progress and unlock higher-tier characters.

These characters are good "stepping stones."

Roll for these if you’re unable to secure higher-tier characters after several attempts, as they can help you advance in early game levels.

Steps to Reroll

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1. Execute Initial Summons

Use any free summons or summon tickets first before using premium currency like blue gems.

Focus on the banners you identified as having the best potential to yield high-tier characters.

2. Assess the Results

Evaluate the characters you've obtained.

Decide if they meet your needs based on their abilities and how they fit into potential team compositions.

If you're not satisfied with the pulls, prepare to reset and try again.

3. Resetting the Game

Clearing Game Data

  • Android Devices: Go to your device’s settings, find the application manager, locate Bluelock Project World Champion, and clear the app data.
  • iOS Devices: iOS does not allow direct clearing of app data, so you must uninstall and reinstall the game.

Restarting the Process

Open the game again, skip the tutorial if possible, and repeat the process of claiming rewards and executing summons until you are satisfied with the results.

Tips for Successful Rerolls

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Set Clear Objectives

Before you start rerolling, decide what you are aiming to achieve.

Are you looking for any specific three-star characters?

Do you want a balanced team or are you targeting a powerhouse character to build around?

Know which characters are considered top-tier or are favorites so you can target them specifically during your rerolls.

Each banner has different featured characters and probabilities.

Choose the banners that align closely with your objectives.

Optimize the Rerolling Process

The rerolling process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Optimizing the steps involved can save time and increase your chances of getting the desired results.

  • Skip Unnecessary Steps: Always skip tutorials and any other non-essential steps to reach the summoning screen as quickly as possible.
  • Use Automation Tools: If playing on an emulator, consider using macros to automate repetitive tasks like navigating menus, which can speed up the reroll process.

Utilize Multiple Devices or Emulators

Using multiple devices or emulator instances can allow you to perform several rerolls simultaneously, increasing your efficiency.

Set up multiple instances on an emulator or use several devices to run multiple games at once.

Keep a log of what each account pulls to decide which one to keep, ensuring you don’t mix up accounts.

Be Patient and Persistent

Rerolling requires patience.

The probability of pulling specific characters can be low, so be prepared for multiple attempts.

Decide in advance how many times you are willing to reroll before you settle. This can prevent frustration and burnout.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break. Rerolling should not be a stressful experience.

Stay Informed About Game Updates

Game updates can influence the effectiveness of rerolling, especially if new characters or banners are introduced.

Stay active in game forums and social media where you can get insights about new banners and character ratings.

Be flexible and ready to change your reroll strategy based on new information or game updates.

Know When to Stop

Once you achieve a satisfactory result, it’s important to know when to stop and start enjoying the game.

If you have secured one or more top-tier characters, consider whether continuing to reroll is worth the effort compared to starting to build your team.

Once satisfied, start playing to build up your characters and enjoy the various game modes available.


Rerolling in "Blue Lock Project World Champion" is a strategy employed by players who aim to have the strongest start possible.

By carefully selecting banners and efficiently using the reroll process, you can significantly enhance your team’s capabilities from the outset.

Remember, the key to successful rerolling is persistence and strategic planning.

Happy summoning, and may your patience be rewarded with top-tier characters!