Top 11 Exciting Gacha Games to Anticipate in 2024

Top 11 Exciting Gacha Games to Anticipate in 2024
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

The gacha game genre has been evolving rapidly, and 2024 is gonna be a groundbreaking year for gacha enthusiasts.

Last year's releases like Honkai Star Rail, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis, Reverse: 1999, and Eversoul have set the stage for an even more thrilling lineup.

With a mix of action, turn-based, and anime-inspired games, the coming year promises to be a good one for a wide range of preferences.

Top 11 Exciting Gacha Games to Anticipate in 2024

1. Anchor Panic

anchor panic wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

This game presents a sci-fi themed, turn-based RPG experience.

It draws inspiration from titles like Aether Gazer and Punishing: Gray Raven, evident in its graphical style and UI design.

The game features a mix of 3D character models and a sci-fi theme, based on the limited information available from its trailer.

2. Archeland

archeland wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Archeland is distinguished by its superior anime aesthetics and high-quality character models.

The gameplay is unique, focusing on strategic placement of units on a grid-based field.

It's not purely turn-based or action-oriented, but a blend that requires tactical movement and ability usage.

3. Arknights Endfield

arknights endfield wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Building on the success of Arknights, Endfield is set in a similar post-apocalyptic world.

It promises an open-world RPG experience with stunning 3D character models and engaging action combat.

The extent of its open-world aspects, like zone transitions, remains unconfirmed.

4. Crescent Moon Walker

crescent moon walker wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

This game stands out with its horizontal side-scrolling format and unique combat mechanics, offering a blend of cover-based and turn-based styles.

The aesthetics are stylish, with beautiful animations and 3D character models that give it a distinctive look.

5. Demis Re:Born

demis re:born wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Previously known as Grand Cross S, this anime RPG is in its early stages with limited information.

Speculation suggests a turn-based combat system, highlighted by good-looking abilities and fully 3D characters in battle scenes.

6. Eastern Odyssey

eastern odyssey wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

This game combines the cuteness of chibi-style graphics with the laid-back gameplay of idle RPGs.

It boasts a gorgeous aesthetic, though being an idle RPG suggests gameplay might be more passive, appealing to players who enjoy less intensive gaming experiences.

7. Fraxinus Decay

fraxinus decay wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Set in a cyberpunk world, this RPG focuses on tower defense mechanics.

It offers a diverse cast, including both male and female characters, and blends this with a strategic gameplay style that requires effective deployment and management of units.

8. Girls Frontline 2

girls frontline 2 wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

As a sequel to Girls Frontline and connected to Neural Cloud, this tactical shooter promises XCOM-like gameplay with fully realized 3D models.

Its anticipation is high, given the success of its predecessor and the depth of its tactical gameplay.

9. Project Star

project star wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Coming from the makers of Counter: Side, this RPG is expected to be heavily narrative-driven.

The game features beautiful characters in a fantasy setting, and early trailers suggest a turn-based combat system set in a vivid and lively world.

10. Wuthering Waves

wuthering waves wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

This game aims to elevate the open-world RPG genre by integrating elements from both Genshin Impact and Punishing: Gray Raven.

It promises a dark, immersive world with superior action combat mechanics, diverse characters, and varied combat styles.

11. Zenless Zone Zero

zenless zone zero wallpaper

Release Date: TBA 2024

Developed by Hoyo, known for its polished games, ZZZ is an urban fantasy RPG with roguelike mechanics.

It stands out for its slower, more precise action combat, contrasting with the faster-paced combat of Wuthering Waves, and is expected to be a major hit following its showcase at Anime Expo 2023.

Looking Forward

As we await these releases, the anticipation builds for what could be some of the most influential and enjoyable titles in the Gacha game industry.

Whether you're a fan of strategic gameplay, immersive narratives, or stunning graphics, 2024 promises a game for every type of player.

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to check out dedicated videos and streams for in-depth insights on these exciting titles!