Our Love and Deepspace Weapons & Memory Cards Tier List

Our Love and Deepspace Weapons & Memory Cards Tier List
Last updated:
February 1, 2024

Welcome to our definitive tier list for Love and Deepspace weapons and memory cards!

This comprehensive guide ranks every memory card in the game, from the most powerful to the least effective, based on their strengths and weaknesses.

We'll be also ranking all unlockable weapons from the best performing ones to the worst.

Pro Tip: Play Love and Deepspace on your PC with Bluestacks emulator.

Weapons & Memory Cards Tier List for Love and Deepspace (2024)

Understanding Love and Deepspace

Main Characters Rafayel, Xavier, Zayne Love and Deepspace

Love and Deepspace isn't just a typical Otome game.

This first-person dating sim boasts stunning 3D graphics, offering a realistic gaming experience. While you enjoy romantic dates, you must also combat alien threats in this sci-fi ARPG.

The game's battles are mixed with opportunities to deepen relationships with each character.

How Our Tier List Works

Please note that tier lists are wildly subjective.

Our rankings are based on personal experiences and extensive research into community feedback.

As new memory cards are released, we will update this tier list.

Memory Cards Tier List

Memory Cards Love and Deepspace

Struggling to determine the value of your collected memory cards?

Our tier list is here to help, providing a detailed ranking of all cards available in the game, including those of lower rarity.

S+ Tier: Top of the Line

These are the top-tier memory cards in Love and Deepspace.

If you're lucky enough to have one, use it to its full potential:

  • Radiant Halo – Rafayel
  • Blossoms – Rafayel
  • Tranquil Moment – Zayne
  • Garden of Secrets – Xavier

S Tier: Highly Effective

Just a step below S+ Tier, these cards are still excellent choices for gameplay:

  • Gentle Twilight - Zayne
  • Precious Bonfire – Xavier
  • Dreams Within Reach – Xavier
  • Shimmering Sunlight – Xavier

A Tier: Solid Choices with Limitations

While visually appealing, these cards don't pack the same punch as higher-tier options but are still viable in battle:

  • Ocean At Night – Rafayel
  • About to Hit the Ball – Xavier
  • Myths – Rafayel
  • Entwined – Rafayel
  • Fragmented Dream – Zayne
  • Surprised Encounter - Zayne
  • Heartfelt Guide - Xavier
  • Heartfelt Encounter - Zayne
  • Heartfelt Game - Rafayel
  • Surprise Encounter - Zayne

B Tier: Visually Pleasing but Less Effective

These cards are more for collection than combat effectiveness.

  • Not Angry – Rafayel
  • Calls – Xavier
  • Checkup – Zayne
  • A Break – Xavier
  • Good Morning – Xavier
  • Little World – Zayne
  • Listen – Xavier
  • Heart-to-Heart – Xavier
  • Waiting – Zayne
  • Lost in Thought – Zayne
  • Gaze – Xavier
  • Blade – Xavier
  • Reflection – Xavier
  • Whatcha Doing – Rafayel
  • Perfect Smile – Rafayel
  • Secret - Rafayel
  • Work Plan - Zayne
  • Quick Sketch - Rafayel
  • Auscultation - Zayne

Stay informed and make the best choices for your gameplay with our Love and Deepspace Memory Card Tier List!

Weapon Tier List

In-Game Combat Love and Deepspace

Are you assembling a team and curious about the best weapons to use in Love and Deepspace?

This tier list will guide you through the top choices and weapons to avoid as you unlock more options in the game.

S+ Tier: Top-of-the-Line Arsenal

These weapons are top-tier in Love and Deepspace. Equip these to dominate your battles:

  • Phantasma Sands
  • Hunter Claymore

S Tier: Impressive and Effective

While slightly less flashy in abilities, these weapons are nearly as potent as those in the S Tier:

  • Luminescence Blade
  • Everlasting Song
  • Hunter Wand

A Tier: Reliable but Limited

These weapons don't fall short in battle, but their skills are somewhat less powerful compared to higher tiers:

  • Hunter Sword
  • Hunter Firearm

Stay ahead in Love and Deepspace by choosing the right weapons for your team with our comprehensive weapon tier list!