Echocalypse: Fast Progression Tips for Beginners

Echocalypse: Fast Progression Tips for Beginners
Last updated:
January 4, 2024

Embarking on your adventure in Echocalypse can be thrilling, yet challenging, especially for beginners.

This guide provides essential tips for fast progression, focusing on F2P (Free-to-Play) and low-spending players

Let's jump right in!

Pro Tip: Use Bluestacks to improve your gameplay experience and enjoy Echocalypse on your PC.

Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant: Fast Progression Tips for Beginners

Use In-Game Reminders and Daily Tasks

in game rewards in echocalype

Understanding In-Game Reminders

In-game reminders, symbolized by a bell icon, notify you of unfinished content or tasks that need attention before the day ends.

Regularly checking these reminders ensures you don’t overlook important activities that could benefit your progression.

For players not used to a set routine, these reminders can help in forming daily habits that are crucial for advancing in the game.

Maximizing Daily Tasks

Completing daily tasks is a key source of additional rewards, providing essential resources like gear, artifacts, and character upgrade materials.

Over time, the collection of these rewards significantly boosts your game progression.

Identify and prioritize tasks that offer the most value or are most achievable based on your current game status.

Plan your gameplay around completing these tasks efficiently, integrating them into your regular game sessions.

Maximizing the First Appearance Draws

in game first appearance draw of wadjet in echocalypse

Understanding First Appearance Draws

These draws are specifically designed to give new players a head start by providing a pool of characters, including valuable SSRs.

Typically achievable within the first few days of gameplay, they are a crucial part of the initial progression.

Each draw presents a group of characters from which you can choose, accompanied by an attached SSR.

Your draw may differ from others, offering a unique set of characters based on random pulls.

Tips for Making the Most of First Appearance Draws

Ensure your selections cover various roles (DPS, healer, tank, etc.) to create a well-rounded team.

Consider the long-term viability of the characters, choosing those who will remain useful as you progress.

Remember that you’ll receive Fenriru in the seven-day check-in; select characters from the First Appearance Draws that complement her abilities.

Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the characters you receive in the draw.

Each set of characters may require a different approach to team building.

Building an Effective Squad

in game squad details with snezhana in echocalypse

Key Characters in Basic Squad Building

Fenriru - The Core DPS

Role: As a powerful DPS character, Fenriru should be a central part of your early squad.

Healers and Shielders

Include characters who can heal and provide shields, balancing the squad’s offensive capabilities with defensive support.

Tanks and Utility

Depending on the characters you have, include tanks for damage absorption and utility characters for additional effects like control or buffs.

Positioning Strategy

  • Frontline: Place tankier units here for maximum damage absorption.
  • Backline: Reserve this for your main DPS units for protection and optimal damage output.

Tips for Effective Squad Formation

  • Be prepared to adjust your squad based on the challenges you face. Different stages or opponents may require different strategies.
  • Don’t hesitate to rotate characters in and out of your squad based on their effectiveness in specific scenarios.
  • As you progress in the game and acquire stronger characters, evolve your squad composition to maintain effectiveness.
  • Regularly upgrade your characters’ levels, gear, and skills to keep up with increasingly challenging content.
  • Equip and level up artifacts that complement the roles of your squad members, enhancing their strengths or compensating for weaknesses.
  • Pay attention to gear sets and rarities, ensuring your characters are equipped for maximum efficiency.

Mastering the Link System

in game squad link details in echocalypse

Understanding the Link System

The Link System is based on connections between specific characters.

When paired together in a squad, these characters unlock additional buffs and stat boosts.

The buffs can range from increased HP and attack to more specialized enhancements like increased critical hit rates or damage reduction.

Each character's profile indicates their potential links, showing which other characters they synergize with.

By reviewing these profiles, you can strategically form teams that maximize the number of active links.

Strategies for Using the Link System

While forming your team, balance the need for various roles (DPS, tank, healer) with the potential to activate as many links as possible.

Some links might be more beneficial than others based on your team’s strategy and the challenges you face.

Choose characters whose linked abilities complement each other, enhancing their collective strength.

Consider the specific scenario or challenge you are facing and select links that provide the most relevant buffs for that situation.

Squad Augmentation and Leveling

Augment your characters to at least tier two to activate their passive abilities.

Passives play a significant role in enhancing your characters' effectiveness in battle.

Keep your characters leveled up to the cap, which increases with your account level.

Navigating the Combat Gear System

in game vitality field gear details in echocalypse

Combat Gear Mechanics

Combat Gear comes in various rarity levels, each offering different levels of stat boosts and abilities.

Equipping multiple pieces from the same gear set activates set bonuses, providing additional advantages.

A three-piece set typically offers a specific stat bonus like increased attack.

Equipping four pieces from the same set often activates a more substantial bonus, such as a critical hit rate increase.

Strategic Approach to Gear Selection

Choose gear that complements the specific role of each character (DPS, tank, healer, etc.).

Focus on gear that boosts the most relevant stats for each character's role.

Aim to equip gear sets that synergize well with your characters’ abilities and your overall team strategy.

While set bonuses are beneficial, sometimes the best individual gear pieces may not form a set. A balance between optimal individual gear and set bonuses is key.

Mastering Artifacts

new artifacts a wealth of knowledge time limit in echocalypse

Strategies for Using Artifacts

Role Compatibility: Choose artifacts that complement the role of each character (DPS, tank, support).

Stat Prioritization: Focus on artifacts that boost the most relevant stats for each character’s role in the team.

Balancing Artifacts Across Team: Ensure that your artifact choices contribute to overall team synergy, strengthening your team’s collective performance. Aim for a variety of artifacts across your team to cover a range of enhancements, from damage to defense to utility.

Managing and Upgrading Artifacts

Leveling Up Artifacts

Regularly upgrade your artifacts to increase their effectiveness.

Higher-level artifacts provide more substantial stat boosts.

Allocate resources efficiently to level up the most impactful artifacts for your team.

Acquiring New Artifacts

Obtain new artifacts from specific game modes and challenges that offer artifact rewards.

Take part in events and special challenges that may provide unique or powerful artifacts.

Artifact Placement and Rotation

Assign artifacts to characters where they will have the most impact, considering both the character’s role and the artifact’s effects.

Be prepared to rotate artifacts between characters as your team composition and strategy evolve.

Final Tips for Fast Progression

in game fenriru 7 day check in progression in echocalypse

  • Use a well-rounded lineup with characters like Fenriru, Nanook, and Snezhana for steady progression.
  • Be ready to swap characters as you acquire stronger SSRs to enhance your team's capabilities.
  • Plan your progression path, focusing on key characters and resources.
  • Progress at a steady pace, ensuring you enjoy the game while advancing.


For beginners in Echocalypse, especially those going the F2P or low-spender approach, following these tips can significantly accelerate progression.

By efficiently using in-game reminders, focusing on crucial tasks, strategically building your squad, and effectively managing gear and artifacts, you can navigate the early stages of the game with confidence and success.