Ultimate Reroll Guide for Limbus Company

Ultimate Reroll Guide for Limbus Company
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

Limbus Company, the latest release from Project Moon, offers a rich and complex gameplay experience with a strong emphasis on character and EGO management.

This guide will walk you through the fastest methods for rerolling, and highlight the best units to aim for to strengthen your gameplay from the start.

Ultimate Reroll Guide for Limbus Company

Reroll Method Explained

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Understanding Rerolling

Rerolling is essentially starting a new game multiple times until you get desirable characters from the initial set of rewards or summons.

This is crucial because it gives you a strong start, enhancing your gameplay experience from the outset.

Why Reroll?

Starting with powerful characters can significantly affect your progress and gameplay strategy.

EGOs enhance characters significantly and are rare to come by, making them prime targets in rerolls.

Reroll Method

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Here’s how to execute the fastest reroll method effectively:

Step 1: Initial Setup

Download and launch Limbus Company.

Complete the necessary setup steps until you reach the main game interface where you can access your mail and summons.

Step 2: Claim Free Summons

Go to your mail within the game.

You will often receive free summons as part of the starting promotions.

These may include a guaranteed three-star unit, which is crucial for a strong start.

Step 3: Execute Your First Summons

  • Navigate to Summons Page: Go to the ‘Extract’ section to view available banners.
  • Select a Banner: Focus on banners that offer high-tier characters or EGOs, like the Welcome Extraction banner, which guarantees a three-star unit on your first pull.

Step 4: Assess and Decide

Check if the characters and EGOs you obtained from your summons meet your expectations.

If you are satisfied with your pulls, proceed with the game.

If not, prepare for a reroll.

Step 5: Rerolling Process

Initiate a Reroll

  • Go to the settings menu via the cog icon.
  • Navigate to ‘Account’ settings.
  • Select ‘Close Account’ to reset your data. This will delete your current progress, allowing you to start anew.

Step 6: Repeat Until Satisfied

After resetting, restart and reopen the game and repeat the process from Step 2.

This process should take around 30 seconds per reroll if done efficiently.

Important Notes

This method works only if you are using a guest account on mobile platforms.

It is not applicable on Steam due to platform restrictions.

Once you are satisfied with your rerolls on a mobile device, you may transfer your account to Steam once the known issues are resolved.

Best Units to Aim For

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Gregor (Zwei Association South Section 4)

Delivers high AoE damage and can apply stun, disrupting enemy formations and strategies effectively.

Gregor is excellent for crowd control and dealing damage across multiple targets, necessitating strategic investment to unlock his full potential.

Sinclair (Clinq South Section 4 Director)

Known for his high single-target damage and strong debuff application, Sinclair excels in taking down high-priority targets.

Sinclair performs exceptionally well with the "Lobotomy E.G.O.: Red Sheet," which enhances his DPS capability significantly, making him a top-tier damage dealer in various scenarios.

Ishmael (R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer)

Offers strong AoE buffs and decent damage output, making him a versatile member of any team.

The "R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer" E.G.O. is ideal, enhancing his ability to enable and support other team members effectively.

Faust (Seven Assoc. South Section 4)

This version of Faust provides high single-target damage and has excellent burst potential with self-buffing capabilities.

The "Seven Assoc. South Section 4" E.G.O. boosts his blunt damage capabilities, making him a strong alternative to the other versions of Faust.

Faust (Lobotomy E.G.O.:Regret)

Faust is effective at delivering strong AoE damage with good burst potential, complemented by self-sustain abilities.

The "Lobotomy E.G.O.: Regret" greatly enhances his AoE damage capabilities, making him an excellent choice for dealing with groups of enemies.

Ryoshu (R.B. Chef de Cuisine)

Ryoshu can apply powerful debuffs and provide AoE damage, with self-heal capabilities adding to his utility.

He shines with the "W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent" E.G.O., which maximizes his debuffing and nuking potential.

Don Quixote (Cinq Association South Section 5 Director)

Known for high damage potential and AoE attacks, Don Quixote excels in teams that capitalize on Clash synergy.

An extremely versatile damage dealer, Don Quixote performs best in teams designed around Clash strategies, enhancing both his survivability and effectiveness.

Hong Lu (Dieci Assoc. South Section 4)

Offers high single-target damage with strong synergy in Discard-focused strategies.

Hong Lu is a formidable burst damage dealer against bosses or high-value targets, especially in setups that support his Discard requirements.

Rerolling Strategies

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Set Clear Goals

Before you start rerolling, decide which units and EGOs are most desirable based on your preferred playstyle and the game's current meta.

Focus on characters that offer both immediate utility and long-term viability.

  • Top-Tier Units: Identify which characters are considered top-tier and why. This often includes units with high versatility, strong EGOs, and synergy with other characters.
  • EGO Compatibility: Consider not just the strength of the characters but also how well their EGOs complement their abilities.

Efficient Rerolling Process

Maximize the speed and efficiency of your rerolls to get the best results with minimal time investment.

Use quick start options if available to skip tutorials and cutscenes, getting straight to the summons.

On platforms that allow it, consider using automation tools to streamline the reroll process, especially if playing on emulators.

Knowing When to Stop

While it can be tempting to continue rerolling indefinitely for the "perfect" start, it's important to know when to stop and start playing the actual game.

If you secure one or two top-tier units or the desired EGOs, consider stopping even if the pull isn't perfect.

Diminishing returns can make continued rerolling less worthwhile.

Consider the amount of time spent rerolling versus playing and enjoying the game.

If rerolling starts to feel like a chore, it may be time to move on with what you have.

Backup Plans

Sometimes, despite numerous rerolls, you might not get your ideal characters.

Having a backup plan can help alleviate frustration.

Identify a secondary set of acceptable units and EGOs that would still make for a strong start.

Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the units you manage to secure.


Limbus Company's depth in character and EGO mechanics makes it a unique strategic RPG experience.

By following this guide, you can start your journey in the game with a strong team, enhancing both your performance and enjoyment.