Comprehensive Reroll Guide and Tier List for Echocalypse

Comprehensive Reroll Guide and Tier List for Echocalypse
Last updated:
January 8, 2024

Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant, a new gacha mobile game, offers players the chance to optimize their starting experience through rerolling.

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to efficiently reroll and start with the best possible set of characters based on our 2024 updated tier list.

Let's jump right in!

Pro Tip: You can now play Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant in your browser or in Bluestacks.

The Ultimate Reroll Guide and Tier List for Echocalypse in 2024

Starting as a Guest

in game login methods in echocalypse

When you first launch Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant, choose to sign in as a guest.

This is a crucial step for rerolling because it allows you the flexibility to reset your progress without affecting a linked account.

Farming and Leveling

in game tutorial battle in echocalypse

Initial Gameplay

Tutorial and Initial Battles

Upon starting, you’ll undergo a tutorial with a few battles.

This is standard in most mobile gacha games to guide you with the mechanics.

Choosing Your Avatar

The intro, you’ll be prompted to choose the gender of your avatar.

This choice is cosmetic and doesn't impact the gameplay mechanics or the outcome of your rerolls.

Leveling Up Your Avatar

The goal here is to level up your avatar to Level 20.

This is a strategic point where you have progressed enough to make rerolling worthwhile.

Importance of Level 20

Reaching Level 20 is significant as it often unlocks various features in the game, including higher-tier recruitment materials which are essential for effective rerolling.

Stage Completion

You need to complete stages up to 1-24 in the game.

This not only contributes to leveling up your avatar but also collects resources necessary for rerolling.

Be prepared to invest about an hour to reach this point.

It’s a crucial part of the process to ensure you have enough resources for a considerable number of summons during the reroll.

Efficient Farming Tips

Try to be efficient in completing stages. Focus on the objectives and use any beginner-friendly features the game offers to speed up the process.

Keep an eye on your resources.

Efficiently managing what you earn from stages will help in reaching the desired number of summons for rerolling.

Waiting for Pre-Registration Rewards

in game pre-registration rewards in echocalypse

Pre-registration rewards in Echocalypse can significantly boost your rerolling strategy.

Here's a closer look at why they're important and how to optimize them:

What Are They?

These rewards are bonuses granted to players who sign up for the game before its official release.

They usually include in-game currency, exclusive items, or characters.

Impact on Rerolling

Pre-registration rewards often provide summon currency, which is crucial for rerolling.

More currency means more summon attempts, increasing your chances of getting high-tier characters.

Timing Your Rerolls

If pre-registration rewards haven't been distributed yet, it might be worth delaying your rerolling efforts.

Once these rewards are available, you'll have more resources to pull from the gacha.

Waiting for these rewards can be more time-efficient than immediately rerolling without them, as they offer additional summon chances without extra grinding.

Rerolling for Top-Tier Units

in game snezhana gameplay in echocalypse

This section focuses on which SR and SSR units to aim for during rerolls, highlighting a select few for each category and providing advice on the best units to obtain from the free SSR selector.

SR Units to Target in Rerolls


Eriri shines as one of the best starting healers, maintaining relevance up to mid-game and potentially beyond.

She is known for her effective healing abilities, making her a valuable asset in sustaining your team.


Senko excels in dealing physical damage and has a built-in lifesteal mechanic, balancing offense and defense.


Snezhana delivers substantial magic damage, particularly effective against front-row enemies.

She gains a damage increase when an ally is controlled, enhancing her output in specific scenarios.


Iori specializes in healing and shielding back-row allies, differentiating her role from front-row healers like Eriri.

Best SSR Units


Fenriru is a given unit during the seven-day check-in, making her an unnecessary target in initial rerolls.

With her high physical damage output, Fenriru remains effective from the early stages right through to the endgame.

Yulia, Kiki, and Deena

These powerful units are available in the selector, so you might choose not to target them in rerolls for efficiency.


Niz’s ability to freeze enemies provides a tactical advantage in controlling the battle tempo.

Her damage dealing capabilities make her a formidable contender in various game modes.


Audrey’s skill in adding rage to all allies accelerates team actions, making her a vital support character in any team composition.


Mori specializes in high single-target damage, essential for taking down powerful bosses or key enemies.


Aiken’s ability to damage all enemies with bonus true damage is a rare and highly valuable trait, especially in crowded battle scenarios.

Her skills allow for damage stacking, making her increasingly effective as battles progress.

The Rerolling Process

in game advance draw unit in echocalypse

Understanding the Goal

The primary aim of rerolling is to obtain high-tier characters (SSRs) or a specific desirable character to strengthen your starting lineup.

Rerolling can significantly improve your early game experience, making progression smoother and more enjoyable.

The Initial Steps

After your initial set of summons, if you're unsatisfied with the outcome, you’ll need to start over.

This is where signing in as a guest initially becomes beneficial.

To reroll, you'll log out of your guest account and then log back in as a new guest, effectively starting the game with a new account.

Strategies for Efficient Rerolling

Deciding When to Stop

Know beforehand which characters you’re aiming for. This helps in deciding when to stop rerolling.

Be realistic about your rerolling goals. Sometimes settling for a strong set of SR characters can be more practical than endlessly chasing a specific SSR.

Multiple Rerolls

It might take several attempts before you get your desired characters.

Be prepared for a potentially time-consuming process.

Set a limit to how many times you're willing to reroll to avoid burnout.

After a Successful Reroll

Once you're satisfied with your reroll, bind your account to Google, Facebook, Twitter, or GTarcade.

This secures your progress and characters.

Moving from a guest account to a linked account ensures that you won’t lose your hard-earned characters and progress.

Moving Forward

Start building and leveling up your team.

Focus on the characters you’ve obtained to maximize their potential.

Rerolling gives you a strong start, but long-term success in Echocalypse depends on strategic gameplay and continuous improvement of your team.

Understanding the Tier List

in game character lists in echocalypse

The tier list is a crucial tool for strategizing your pulls in Echocalypse.

It serves as a guideline for selecting SSR characters for your team based on various factors like team composition, links, and star levels.

Some characters may excel in specific content like Cage Fight, Expedition Host, or Abyssal Dive but might underperform in others.

Building a team isn't just about picking top-tier characters; it's about creating synergy among your team members.

The Must-Have Tier

in game audrey details in echocalypse


Audrey is known for her ability to provide a significant boost in the initial stages of a battle.

This makes her especially useful in Abyssal Dive and other content where early advantages are crucial.

Her skill to silence enemies on auto-attack and the additional attack buff from her passive make her a crucial support character.

Audrey’s ability to manipulate rage (adding +2 rage on skill use) is a strategic advantage in prolonged battles.

Audrey's mix of offensive and defensive skills makes her a versatile character fitting into various team compositions.

Her abilities are not just limited to one type of content, making her useful across the board in Echocalypse.


Levia is categorized as an Empire faction support character, known for her exceptional energy recovery capabilities. She synergizes well with other Empire units and supports, enhancing team performance.

Pairing Levia with Audrey, known as her "best friend," maximizes rage recovery. Levia can adapt to either the frontline or backline, depending on where you need her buffing and rage recovery skills.

She also works extremely well with Pan Pan, who creates a powerful combination with Levia, offering a thick shield, debuff removal, and control immunity.

Pan Pan

Pan Pan is known for her ability to generate significant shields, potentially allowing a team to complete stages without taking any damage.

In PvP scenarios, Pan Pan’s shielding can be the difference-maker, offering enhanced survivability against powerful attacks.

Alongside her shielding, she can debuff enemies with an ATK down effect and provide a block percentage buff to allies.

Pan Pan's role as a tank is crucial in absorbing damage and protecting more vulnerable characters.

Her ability to reduce incoming damage and weaken enemies complements both offensive and defensive team strategies.


An Empire faction unit that shines with her high DPS and harmonizes exceptionally well with Audrey, Pan Pan and Levia.

Her Ultimate skill deals substantial magic damage, gains Radiance for two rounds, and inflicts true damage based on her lost HP and current shield.

Building her with a focus on HP (her true damage scales with her HP) and leveraging her unique skills can lead to dominating performances, even against significantly stronger opponents.


in game fenriru details in echocalypse


Fenriru excels in dealing damage to multiple enemies simultaneously.

This makes her invaluable in situations where crowd control is essential.

Despite any nerfs she may have received, Fenriru remains a formidable force in terms of damage output.

As a freely accessible character, Fenriru is a blessing for players.

Her free link further enhances her synergy with other team members.


Firentia is at the core of any burn team, dealing significant damage over time to enemies.

Her skills are particularly adjusted to enhance and exploit burn effects.

She plays a crucial role in teams focused on burn strategies, elevating the overall damage output.

In a burn-focused team, Firentia is often the primary source of damage, making her a key character for such strategies.


Horus's ability to deal double damage to armor-broken enemies makes her a specialist in penetrating defenses.

At higher star levels, Horus can increase critical hit damage significantly, multiplying her damage potential.

Understanding and creating conditions for Horus to maximize her damage output is crucial for using her effectively.


Aiken’s skill set provides a high chance of landing critical hits, which is crucial for dealing massive damage.

Her additional damage against enemies with less than 50% HP makes her effective in finishing off weakened opponents.

Aiken’s abilities make her a counter to burn team strategies, providing an edge in specific PvP scenarios.


in game vivi details in echocalypse


Vivi specializes in debuffing enemy rage while simultaneously increasing allies' rage, crucial for turn-based strategy.

Her Silent Immunity passive provides team resilience against silence effects, enhancing overall team performance.

Vivi’s skills make her a valuable member of various team compositions, especially where rage management is key.


Set’s primary role is to absorb damage on behalf of her allies, making her essential for team survivability.

Her effectiveness increases significantly at higher star levels.

Set’s tanking ability is crucial in battles that require enduring prolonged enemy assaults.


Regina works well in burn teams, applying burn effects to enemies while buffing her own dodge and pierce rates.

Her abilities complement primary burn damage dealers, like Firentia.

Regina's ability to buff herself makes her a balanced choice for both offense and defense.


Zawa’s strength lies in her ability to apply debuffs to multiple enemies, weakening their defenses and offensive capabilities.

Besides debuffs, she also contributes to the team’s overall damage output.

Zawa's debuffs can significantly increase the effectiveness of the team's damage dealers.


Shiyu’s key role in a burn team is to ensure that burn effects on enemies are consistently reapplied.

Her ability to revive an ally, including herself, adds a layer of survivability to the team.

Her skills are specifically adjusted for burn-focused teams, making her a must-have for such strategies.


Yulia’s ability to taunt enemies makes her a semi-tank, absorbing damage and protecting allies.

Her freezing skill can immobilize multiple enemies, crucial in both PvP and PvE.

Positioning Yulia strategically in the team lineup can maximize her taunting and freezing effects.

Nephthys and Deena

Nephthys offers AoE healing, while Deena provides targeted healing with a chance to heal all allies below 50% HP.

Both contribute to the team’s offensive capabilities and can remove debuffs, enhancing team resilience.

Their healing abilities are essential for maintaining the team’s health in prolonged battles.


in game wadjet details in echocalypse


Wadjet’s ability to apply armor break is essential, particularly when paired with characters like Horus who capitalize on armor-broken enemies.

Besides armor break, Wadjet reduces enemies' defense and damage reduction, enhancing the team's overall damage output.

Wadjet is a force multiplier for damage-focused characters, making her a strategic pick in teams that emphasize high burst damage.


Kiki can inflict considerable damage, but her effectiveness increases with higher investment.

She lowers enemies' defense and critical resistance, which can be crucial in battles.

Kiki’s full potential is unlocked with higher investment, making her a long-term development character.


Gryph fits well in burn-focused teams, contributing to the overall burn strategy with decent damage and debuff capabilities.

Her straightforward skill set makes her easy to incorporate into teams without complex strategies.


Mori excels in dealing damage to individual targets, making her ideal for battles against powerful single enemies.

Her skill set is particularly effective in modes like Host Purification, where focusing down a single target is key.


Garula can stun up to three enemies and reduce their healing received, adding a tactical advantage in battles.

While versatile, Garula’s abilities do not excel in any particular area, making her a jack-of-all-trades character.


Beam’s damage output increases as her health decreases, adding a high-risk, high-reward element to her gameplay.

Her reliance on shield mechanics can be a double-edged sword, particularly with existing bugs affecting her passive.


Raeon stands out as a great damage dealer, especially effective when her health is low.

As of the guide's creation, the full extent of her induction mechanic is not yet clear, suggesting untapped potential.


Rerolling in Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant might be time-consuming, but it's a strategic way to ensure a strong start in the game.

By following this guide, you can maximize your chances of obtaining high-tier characters from the get-go.

Harness the strength of Echocalypse's top tier units and dominate both PvP and PvE battles.

Stay patient, and good luck with your summons!