Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is Shutting Down

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is Shutting Down
Last updated:
November 29, 2023

Square Enix has announced the End of Service of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, marking the end of its six-year journey.

This Final Fantasy RPG, known for its turn-based combat and multiplayer modes, will cease operations on February 29, 2024, the same day Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on PlayStation 5.

This announcement comes seven years after the game's original launch on February 1, 2017.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia: The End of an Era

Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Wallpaper

A Brief History of Dissidia Opera Omnia

Initially launched in Japan and later globally in January 2018, the game has been a staple for gacha gaming RPG enthusiasts on mobile platforms.

It debuted alongside "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT" on PS4, offering a unique gaming experience with its strategic gameplay and iconic Final Fantasy characters.

Planned Events Leading to Closure

Dissida Final Fantasy Opera Omnia In-Game Combat

Despite the impending closure, the team has organized several events to celebrate the game's final months.

These events include:

  • Special Daily Draws and Title Draws (Nov 29, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024)
  • Cactuar Cacophony and Dare to Defy: Astraeus (Nov 29, 2023 - Feb 29, 2024)
  • Dusk to Dawn: Evil Gazes at Dusk (Nov 29, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024)
  • Dare to Defy: Nyx (Jan 1, 2024 - Feb 29, 2024)
  • Dusk to Dawn: Ogres Parade the Night (Jan 1, 2024 - Feb 1, 2024)
  • 6th Anniversary Special 50+1 Draw (Jan 31, 2024 - Feb 29, 2024)
  • Dare to Defy: Eos (Feb 1, 2024 - Feb 29, 2024)
  • Dusk to Dawn: Soul Caged by Dawn (Feb 1, 2024 - Feb 29, 2024)

Ending Sales of Gems

As of November 29, 2023, the sale of Gems (paid currency) in DFFOO will stop.

Players will be able to use their existing Gems until the service's conclusion. However, the game will no longer support the purchase of Gems, making any gacha draws solely dependent on the existing Gem balance.

Refunds for Unused In-Game Currency in DFFOO

As "Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia" (DFFOO) concludes its service, Square Enix has committed to refunding players for any paid, yet unused, in-game currency.

Refund Process and Details

  • Timeline: Specific details regarding the refund process will be released in the future.
  • Communication Channels: Players can stay informed about the refund process through updates posted on DFFOO's official website and the official support center.
  • Recommendation for Players: To ensure a smooth refund process, Square Enix advises players who are eligible for refunds to keep the DFFOO app installed on their devices until the refund has been processed and issued.

Final Thoughts: What's Next for DFFOO Players?

DFFOO Alternative Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

This ending marks a significant moment for fans of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

The game leaves behind a legacy in the mobile RPG genre, cherished for its strategic depth, character roster, and engaging content.

As it approaches its final days, players can look forward to a host of celebratory events and a grand farewell to a beloved Square Enix title.

So, what alternatives do players have?

With recent shutdowns of other FF games like Record Keeper and Mobius, Final Fantasy fans still have some mobile options they can transition into like FF Brave Exvius and FF7 Ever Crisis.