DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE Global Version to Shut Down in February 2024

DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE Global Version to Shut Down in February 2024
Last updated:
December 29, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, the global version of the gacha RPG DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE, based on the popular anime series, is gonna shut down on February 28, 2024, at 22:00 (PST).

The announcement, made on December 27, 2023, has left the game's community with mixed feelings.

This is the second EoS of the week after Dragon Quest Tact.

Farewell to DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE: Global Version to Shut Down in February 2024

DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE In-Game Combat

Unexpected End of Services

The development team extended an apology for the sudden announcement and expressed gratitude to the players for their support.

The specific reasons behind this abrupt decision remain undisclosed, leading to speculation among players and fans.

Changes Leading Up to the Shutdown

From December 27, 2023, at 18:00 (PST), significant changes in the game's purchasing and subscription model will take effect:

  • Discontinuation of Paid Iris, the in-app currency, purchases.
  • Ceasing new premium subscription services and renewals, although existing subscriptions will remain active until the shutdown.

The Final Update and Shutdown Details

DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE will receive its last update on the day of its shutdown.

This final update is designed as a farewell to the game's dedicated community.

Post-update, the game will no longer be accessible, and Paid Iris will become unusable. Additionally, the game will be removed from app stores.

Refund Process for Unused Paid Iris

DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE End of Service Notice

Players with unused Paid Iris can request a refund through the DanMachi app.

It's important to note that only unspent Paid Iris are eligible for refunds.

Players should:

  • Keep the app installed and refrain from deleting it.
  • Update the app to Ver. 15.3.0 for a seamless refund process. Further instructions on the refund process will be provided after the game's closure.

Closing Thoughts

The DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE team acknowledges the impact of this closure on its player base and is committed to ensuring a smooth transition.

Players are advised to stay tuned to the app for detailed instructions and updates on the refund process.

This closure marks the end of a chapter for fans of the game, who have invested time and emotion into the immersive world of DanMachi MEMORIA FREESE.