Blue Lock Project World Champion: A Beginner's Guide

Blue Lock Project World Champion: A Beginner's Guide
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

Welcome to "Blue Lock Project World Champion," a captivating game that combines the thrill of soccer with strategic gameplay.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to brush up on the basics after the latest update, this guide is your go-to resource for navigating the early stages of the game.

Blue Lock Project World Champion: A Beginner's Guide

Getting Started in Blue Lock Project World Champion

in game story mode in blue lock pwc

Initial Game Setup

For newcomers, the tutorial is a critical step.

It provides a hands-on introduction to the game’s mechanics, covering everything from basic controls to more varied strategies.

Opting to play through the tutorial by clicking the prominent orange button will give you a solid foundation, even if you’re familiar with similar games.

Starting Your Adventure

Upon starting, visit the rewards section—indicated by a diamond icon—to collect your welcome package.

This typically includes blue gems, which are valuable for obtaining new characters and other in-game items.

Begin by participating in lower-difficulty matches to get a feel for the gameplay.

These initial matches are designed to be more forgiving, allowing you to experiment with different strategies without significant repercussions.

Setting Strategic Goals

Set clear objectives early on.

Whether you aim to dominate in PvP battles or excel in story missions, having a clear focus can guide your resource management and strategic decisions.

Engage with daily tasks and strive to unlock achievements.

These not only offer immediate rewards but also contribute to your overall game progress and character development.

Understanding the Game Interface

in game home menu in blue lock pwc

Home Screen Overview

Main Menu

The main menu is your gateway to various game features.

It typically includes options for gameplay, team management, gacha pulls, and settings.

Familiarize yourself with each icon and its function to streamline your activities within the game.

Detailed Breakdown of Game Sections

Gacha System Interface

  • Banner Selection: This area displays different gacha banners available for pulls. Each banner often focuses on specific characters, making strategic selection crucial depending on your team’s needs.
  • Resource Status: Keep track of your gems and tickets here. Knowing your resources helps decide when to save or spend on new characters or upgrades.

Event Panel

  • Active Events: Displays ongoing events you can participate in. Events are a great source of exclusive rewards and are essential for accelerating your progress.
  • Event Details: Clicking on an event will show you its objectives, rewards, and duration. This helps in planning your participation based on the potential benefits relative to your game strategy.

In-Game Menus and Options

Character and Team Management

  • Team Setup: This section allows you to arrange your team’s lineup, select your main characters, and assign roles based on their skills and stats.
  • Character Enhancement: Here, you can upgrade your characters by training, leveling up, and applying skill points, which are critical for improving their effectiveness in matches.

Settings and Customization

  • Game Settings: Adjust game controls, sound settings, and visual options to suit your preferences, which can improve your gameplay experience.
  • Profile Customization: Customize your player profile, change your avatar, and manage other personalization settings to stand out in the community.

Maximizing Your Gacha Pulls

in game beginner support scout banner in blue lock pwc

Understanding the Gacha Mechanics

Types of Banners

  • Beginner Support Scout: Offers a one-time free x11 scout with a 1.5x drop rate for three-star players. Activating this scout unlocks a special mode that boosts the drop rate of exclusive three-star players for 30 minutes, available only within the first 7 days after registration.
  • Special Featured Player Scout: This banner features a specific set of characters, with a 50% chance that a three-star drop will be one of the two highlighted characters. Regular x11 pulls occasionally activate a special scout mode, enhancing your chances for a limited time.
  • Featured Player Scout: A limited-time banner available only for two weeks after the game's launch, featuring Kaoru Mitoma, known for his exceptional dribbling skills. This scout focuses on potentially boosting your team's offensive capabilities significantly.

Reading the Rates

Every gacha banner displays the odds of pulling characters of different star ratings.

Understanding these probabilities can help you make informed decisions about when to pull, based on the expected value of your resources.

Strategies for Effective Pulls

Resource Allocation

While single pulls can chip away at your gem reserves, multi-pulls often provide better value, such as guaranteed higher-tier characters or additional pull bonuses.

Keep track of upcoming banners and events to strategically save gems.

Prioritize banners that offer characters which can fill crucial roles in your team or enhance your current lineup.

Maximizing Pull Outcomes

Some banners may have promotions like increased rates for specific characters or first-pull discounts.

Timing your pulls during these promotions can increase your chances of obtaining valuable players.

Utilize any free or earned tickets before using gems, as these are a resource that can't be replenished except through gameplay or purchases.

Advanced Pull Techniques

Optimizing Animations

Certain animations during a pull can indicate the rarity of the character you’re about to receive.

For example, a golden ball or a net-breaking ball usually signifies a high-star player.

By learning these animations, you can sometimes predict the outcome of a pull partway through the sequence, giving you insights into the game's gacha mechanics.

Analyzing Pull Patterns

Keeping a log of your pulls can help you identify any patterns or cycles in the gacha system, although it's important to remember that these systems are designed to be random.

Some players use statistical methods to estimate their chances based on previous pulls, although this is more about managing expectations than guaranteeing results.

Post-Pull Strategy

Managing Duplicates

  • Character Limit Breaking: Duplicates are essential for limit breaking characters, which unlocks additional potential and power. Ensure you keep duplicates for your main characters.
  • Trade-In Systems: Some games offer a system where you can trade in unwanted duplicates for currency or materials that can be used elsewhere.

Integrating New Characters

Once you acquire new characters, test them in various game scenarios to understand their best uses and limitations.

Gradually integrate new characters into your team, considering how their skills can complement existing members and overall team dynamics.

Advanced Features and Menus

in game shop menu in blue lock pwc

Pay-to-Win (P2W) Menu and Event Participation

The P2W menu features options where players can purchase items or advantages that can significantly boost their game progress.

Although not necessary for all players, engaging with this menu can accelerate character development and provide competitive edges in tougher matches.

Event Participation

Events in "Blue Lock Project World Champion" offer unique opportunities to earn rare items, characters, and other valuable resources.

Participation is typically rewarded with items that are not available in regular gameplay, making it a crucial aspect of strategic game management.

  • Event Tracker: Keep an eye on current and upcoming events through the event panel on your home screen. Planning your participation based on event rewards can significantly impact your team’s capabilities.
  • Event Currency and Trade-ins: Many events use special currencies that can be traded for exclusive items. Managing these currencies wisely by prioritizing valuable trade-ins can enhance your gameplay.

Friend System and Support Cards

Friend System

Building and maintaining a good friend list allows you to access support characters during matches, which can be crucial in winning difficult levels.

You can add friends through their usernames or meet them in community forums or through game matches.

The more active your friends are, the more benefits you can reap from this feature.

Engage in activities that earn you friend points, which can be used to obtain special items or summon support during gameplay.

Support Cards

Support cards provide additional buffs and abilities to your characters.

These cards can be the difference between winning and losing a match in higher levels of play.

Obtain these cards through special gacha pulls or specific events.

Keeping an eye out for support card events is crucial for enhancing your strategic options.

Strategically use these cards to complement your team’s strengths or mitigate weaknesses, especially during pivotal matches or against tough opponents.

Training and Leveling Up

The training interface allows for detailed customization and enhancement of your characters’ abilities and stats.

Regularly train your characters to improve specific attributes that are crucial for your current strategic needs.

This includes stamina, speed, intelligence, and more.

Beyond basic training, focus on unlocking and enhancing skills that can give you a tactical edge in various game scenarios.

Advanced Player Management

Managing your team’s lineup and abilities through advanced menus is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Team Builder: This tool allows for the strategic assembly of your team based on the synergy between characters and their abilities.
  • Character Potential: Unlock potential in your characters by achieving certain milestones in the game, which enhances their abilities beyond regular training limits.

Strategic Gameplay Tips

in game team setup in blue lock pwc

Building and Managing Your Team

Team Composition

Ensure your team is well-rounded with a mix of forward, midfielders, and defenders.

Each role is crucial for a balanced strategy.

Select characters whose skills complement each other.

For example, pairing a character with high passing skills with another who excels at finishing can increase your scoring opportunities.

Character Development

Invest in characters who have high growth potential.

Use training sessions to enhance their stats and unlock new abilities.

Each character has unique abilities.

Learning and utilizing these effectively during matches can turn the tide in your favor.

Participating in Rivalry Battles and Events

Engage in rivalry battles to test your team's strength and earn rare items.

These matches are essential for obtaining player shards and other valuable resources.

Event Participation and Account Management

Keep an eye on ongoing events for opportunities to earn extra rewards.

Manage your account carefully, especially when playing across multiple devices, to ensure you don't lose progress.


As you delve into "Blue Lock Project World Champion," remember that each aspect of the game, from gacha pulls to strategic team management, plays a crucial role in your journey.

With the tips provided in this guide, you're well on your way to mastering the game and rising through the ranks.