Avoid These Common Mistakes in Captain Tsubasa Ace

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Captain Tsubasa Ace
Last updated:
December 5, 2023

Captain Tsubasa Ace is a game where strategic decisions can make or break your experience.

This guide will help you avoid common mistakes as you embark on your journey in the global server, set to launch on December 5th.

Let's dive in!

Avoid These Common Mistakes in Captain Tsubasa Ace

Pre-Registration Rewards Captain Tsubasa ACE

Early Game Strategies

Using Dream Coupons and Balloons: Upon logging in for the first seven days, you’ll receive various rewards, including Dream Coupons and Golden Balls. Manage these wisely as they will become scarce.

Special Banner Players: The first highlighted player in a special banner will be Kojiro Hyuga. Be cautious about spending your golden tickets, especially if you already have strong forwards. Saving tickets for top goalkeepers like Genzo and Ken can be more beneficial.

Rerolling Tips

Rerolling for Strong Players: Avoid rerolling for repetitive positions. If you already have good forwards, focus on strengthening other areas like defense or goalkeeping.

First Guaranteed SSR: In the first 30 attempts on the beginner banner, you’ll receive a guaranteed SSR. Taro Misaki is featured and he’s a valuable midfielder, even though he’s not a top scorer.


PVP Showdown Captain Tsubasa ACE

Distinguishing PVE and PVP: Players obtained through pool summons are available in both PVE and PVP. However, buying players in the PVP section won’t make them available in PVE.

Raising Player Skills: Upgrading a player’s skills in PVE does not improve their abilities in PVP. Both have separate progression systems.

Training and Coaching

Lineup Example Captain Tsubasa ACE

Importance of Coaches: Coaches play a vital role in providing team formation and tactical advantages. Neglecting this aspect can be detrimental to your team’s performance.

Energy Management: Players get tired over successive matches. Keep an eye on their energy levels and replenish them using energy bars.

Customizing Jerseys and Numbers: Personalize your team by changing player jerseys and numbers, an often-overlooked feature.

Gacha Pulls

Strategy for Pulling: Always aim for multiple summons to increase your chances of getting a legendary player. Single pulls can reduce your chances of getting a rare or legendary player.

Collaboration and Clubs

Joining Active Clubs: Engaging with an active club is crucial for collaborative gameplay. Being in a passive club can limit your progress and opportunities.

Daily Tasks and Rewards

Completing Daily Tasks: Focus on completing daily tasks for valuable rewards. These tasks are mainly directed towards PVE but also offer resources like Gold Balloons for store exchanges or summons.

Gameplay Flexibility

Gameplay Captain Tsubasa ACE

Gamepad and Emulator Use: Captain Tsubasa Ace supports gameplay on emulators and with gamepads, providing flexibility and ease of play.


Avoiding these common mistakes in Captain Tsubasa Ace can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Good luck with your rerolls and enjoy the game!