Ultimate Tier List & Reroll Guide for Shield Hero: RISE

Ultimate Tier List & Reroll Guide for Shield Hero: RISE
Last updated:
November 14, 2023

Welcome to the world of Shield Hero: RISE, a fresh gacha game now hitting global servers after its launch in Taiwan/CN regions.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the strategies for rerolling to secure top-tier characters from the start.

Personal Note: This game has been EoS'd in Taiwan and abandoned in China. The Chinese version had their 1 year anniversary and they had no new content planned for it, no new banner or event at all. So, be cautious when spending money here as it may not last more than a few months.

Our Ultimate Reroll Guide & Character Tier List for Shield Hero: RISE

Shield Hero: RISE Wallpaper

Rerolling – The Path to Powerful Characters

Unlike some games, The Rising of the Shield Hero RISE lacks a direct account deletion for rerolling.

The recommended approach is to use a guest email account, avoiding ties to social logins like Google or Facebook.

When rerolling with an email, you'll need to use the "Dot Method".

This involves placing a period (.) in different positions within your Gmail address to create 'new' accounts that still route to your main inbox. For example, if your mail is "shieldhero@gachaguru.com", you could input "shieldh.ero@gachaguru.com" and will still redirect to your mailbox.

This method circumvents the limitation of the '+' method, which isn't recognized by this game's interface.

If rerolling on LDPlayer, use the clear cache and data method to reset your progress. This will require re-downloading the game resources, which can be around 7GB.

However, with features like multi-instance, rerolling becomes super easy – multiple game instances can run simultaneously, which isn't possible on mobile devices.

Character and Tier Insights

The game's roster is vibrant, featuring characters like Ume and Melty (a free rare character for all players).

Best Shield Hero RISE Tier List

This is the best tier list around based on CN insights.

Some of the best units you can find on Tier Zero are: Filo - Queen Successor, Ume and Shadow.

However, tier lists should not be blindly followed. This game requires a lot of built characters to complete end game content.

Gameplay Overview and Team Requirements

The Shield Hero RISE is a turn-based game that can be played on auto. It requires strategic gameplay with a roster that expands beyond the standard four characters for normal modes.

Advanced challenges and content like Star Trials need up to 12 characters (2 teams of 6), emphasizing the importance of building a well-rounded team.

There's also a PvP mode in this game, and also requires 6 units to participate in.

Summon Rates and Wishlist Feature

Character Rates Shield Hero: RISE

The summoning system is generous, with a 4% chance for epic characters.

Also, every time you summon a Rare character, the chances to get the banner rate-up unit slowly increase.

The game also includes a wishlist system to increase the odds of obtaining your desired characters.

Character Farming and Progress Rewards

Like Blue Archive and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Shield Hero RISE allows character shard farming to unlock or enhance characters in hard stages.

The game offers a beginner quest, awarding premium tickets for additional summons and character progression.

The Dormitory System

The dormitory system is a unique aspect of the game where you can collect resources via Town Hall, interact with characters, buy some stuff, and place characters inside a Hot Spring.

Final Thoughts

Shield Hero: RISE Homescreen

Shield Hero: RISE presents a rich, tactical gacha experience with deep rerolling strategies and an expansive character system.

For those keen on starting strong, LDPlayer offers the perfect platform to dive into this new gacha adventure.